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Module Reading List

Structural Geology, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Geoffrey Lloyd
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

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Weeks 1-6

Fossen, H. 2010. Structural Geology . Cambridge University Press. - n.b. a new edition is due January 2016.

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Weeks 6-11

Passchier, C.W. & Trouw, R.A.J. 2005. Microtectonics . Springer

In addition, the basic lectures notes are supported by different types of material that you are expected to access as appropriate. All lectures have associated follow-up work explicitly outlined. You are recommended to consult the following general texts as/when necessary:

Blenkinsop, T. 2000. Deformation microstructures and mechanisms in minerals and rocks . Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Davis, G.H. & Reynolds, S.J. 1996. Structural geology of rocks and regions . Wiley.

Pollard, D.D. and Fletcher, R.C. 2005. Fundamentals of structural geology . Cambridge University press.

Ramsay, JG & Huber, M 1983. The techniques of modern structural geology volume 1.: Strain Analysis. Academic Press.

Ramsay, JG & Huber, M 1987. The techniques of modern structural geology vol 2: folds and fractures. Academic Press.

Twiss RJ, & Moores, EM. 1992. Structural geology , Freeman.

Details of a wide range of other reading materials, including relevant journal papers will be provided during the module

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