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Conference presentation reading list

Academic English for Postgraduate Studies (AEPS) Level 3, 2021/22
Jane Heath / Helen Butt;
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Hyland, J. 2006. Disciplinary differences: Language variation in academic discourses. In: Hyland, K. and Bondi, M. eds. Academic Discourse Across the DisciplinesWorldwide: Peter Lang, pp.17-45.

Kuteva, M. and Airey, J. 2013. Disciplinary differences in the use of English in Higher Education: Reflections on recent policy developments. Higher Education67(5), no pagination.

Wolfe, C. R. 2011. Argumentation across the curriculum. Written Communication. 28 (2), pp.193-219.



This list was last updated on 21/01/2022