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Module Reading List

Performing Arts Education Project, 2021/22, Semester C12
Prof Edward Venn
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reflective Writing

Gibbs, G. (1998). Learning by doing : a guide to teaching and learning methods ISBN: 1853380717 (pbk). London: FEU
Moon, J. (2004). A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning.London: Routledge Falmer

Policy and practice in arts education

ABRSM (2014) Making music: Teaching, learning and playing in the UK. London: ABRSM.  

DfE (2011) The importance of music: The national plan for music education. DFE-00086-2011. London: Department for Education.
Downing, D. and Watson, R. (2004) School art : what's in it? ; exploring visual arts in secondary schools ISBN: 1903880874. Slough: NFER. 
Greevy, H., Knox, A., Nunney, F. and Pye, J. (2013) Revised: The effects of the English Baccalaureate. Research Report DFE-RR249R. London: Department for Education.
Hallam, S., Creech, A. and McQueen, H. (2011) Musical Futures: A case study investigation. Institute of Education, London: University of London
Henley, D. (2011) Music education in England: A review for the Department of Education and the Department for Culture, Music and Sport. London: Department for Education 
Henley, D. (2012) Cultural education in England: An independent review for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Education. London: Department for Education.
Jasper, L. (2012) Changes to schools and the curriculum in England impacting on dance. London: Dance UK.
Muldoon, J. and Inchley, J. (2008) The YDance ‘Dance-in-Schools Initiative’ DISI: Final evaluation report. Edinburgh: Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit.    
Ofsted (2012a) Music in schools: Sound partnerships. London: The Office for Standards in Education. .
Ofsted (2013) Music in schools: What hubs must do. London: The Office for Standards in Education.
Youth Sport Trust (2006-2007) Audit of dance provision in English schools 2006/2007: Final report. Loughborough: Youth Sport Trust, Loughborough University. 

Zerserson, K. (2014) Inspiring music for all. London: Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  

Creative Industries Management

Aris, A. & Bughin, J. (2005). Managing media companies: harnessing creative value. London: Wiley & Sons
Caves, R. E. (2000). Creative industries : contracts between art and commerce ISBN: 0674008081 (pbk). Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press
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Lampel, J., Lant, T., & Shamsie, J. (2006). The business of culture : strategic perspectives on entertainment and media ISBN: 0805855823 (pbk) : No price; 0805851054 London: Lawrence Earlbaum
Mierzjewska B. I. & Hollifield, C. A. (2005). Theoretical approaches in media management research, in Albarran, A. Chan-Olmsted, S. & White, M. (eds.), Handbook of media management and economics ISBN: 9780805850048 (pbk.); 9780805850031 (hbk.); 0805850031 (hbk.); 080585004X (pbk.) (pp.37-66). London: Routledge
Negus, K. (1999). Music genres and corporate cultures. London: Routledge
Ryan, W. (1992). Making capital from culture: the corporate form of capitalist cultural production. New York: Walter De Gruyter Inc.

Project Management

Andersen, E. (2008). Rethinking project management : an organisational perspective ISBN: 9780273715474 (pbk. : alk. paper). Harlow: FT/ Prentice-Hall
APM. (2009). APM body of knowledge ISBN: 1903494133 (5th edition). APM Princes Risborough, UK.
(This is best obtained by gaining student membership of the APM. This is relatively cheap and gives you access to a range of online materials and to ongoing CPD sessions in the region)
Buttick, R. (2009). The project workout: the ultimate handbook of project and programme management (4th edition). Harlow: FT/ Prentice Hall
Gardiner, J. (2005). Project management : a strategic planning approach ISBN: 9780333982228 (pbk.); 0333982223 (pbk.) Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan International journal of project management.
Pinto, J. (2010). Project management : achieving competitive advantage ISBN: 9780136065616 (hbk.) : £86.99; 0136065619 (hbk.) : £86.99 (2nd edition). Prentice Hall: Pearson Education
Taylor, P. (2012). The lazy project manager : how to be twice as productive and still leave the office early ISBN: 9781906821678 (pbk.) : £14.99; 1906821674 (pbk.) : £14.99. Oxford: Infinite Ideas

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