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Module Reading List

Public Transport Planning and Management, 2021/22, Semester 2
Zhiyuan Lin
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

There is no single text covering the entire material on this module with an adequate level of depth but the closest is:

White, P.R. (2013), Public transport : its planning, management and operation, 6 th Edition, Routledge Natural and Built Environment Series. This text provides a good introduction to the key topics from a UK context. There is a list of references at the end of each chapter, which is often helpful in finding additional information. 

A useful secondary source is:

Vuchic, V.R. (2005), Urban transit : operations, planning and economics, Planning and Economics, John Wiley.

The following references complement the basic text with respect to specific topics:

Overview: Technology, Policy and Demand

Public transport supply

Network Design

  • Dodson, J., Mees, P., Stone,J., & Burke, M., (2011), The Principles of Public Transport Network Planning: A review of the emerging literature with select examples. Vol. Paper 15, Urban Research Program: Griffith University. - Available online: 

  • Pucher J & Kurth S (1995) Verkehrsverbund: the success of regional public transport in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Transport policy., 2(4), 279-291.

Designing and operating PT systems

Understanding and Predicting Costs

  • White, Chapter Eight: Costing and Cost Allocation Methods

Pricing and Fares

  • White, Chapter Nine: Pricing Theory and Practice

  • Vuchic,Chapter 7

Informal public transport (paratransit)

  • Cervero, R. and Golub, A. 2007. Informal transport: A global perspective. Transport Policy 14 445-457
  • Phun, V.K. and Yai, T. 2016. State of the art of paratransit literatures in Asian developing countries. Asian Transport Studies 4(1) pp 57-77


Supporting documentation for lectures will also be uploaded onto the VLE. Additional references will be given in the lectures where appropriate.

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