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Module Reading List 2022

Child poverty and well-being, 2021/22, Semester J05
Dr Gill Main
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Week-by-week reading

Week 1: Introduction to the module and key concepts

Lister, R. (2021) ‘Introduction’. From Lister, R. Poverty  (second edition). Pp1-11. Oxford: Polity Press. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Brady, D. (2019) ‘Theories of the Causes of Poverty’. In Annual Review of Sociology vol.45 pp155-175.

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Week 2: Theorising poverty

Pemberton, S., Gordon, S. and Nandy, S. (2012) ‘Child rights, child survival and child poverty’. Chapter 2 in Minujin, A. and Nandy, S. (Eds) Global Child Poverty and Well-Being. Bristol: Policy Press.   

Redmond, G. (2008) ‘Child Poverty and Child Rights: Edging towards a definition’. In Journal of Children and Poverty vol.14 no.1 pp63-82.

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Week 3: Finding the 'child' in 'child poverty'

Main, G. (2019) ‘Money Matters: A nuanced approach to understanding the relationship between household income and child subjective well-being’. In Child Indicators Research vol.12 pp1125-1145.

Roelen, K. (2018) ‘Poor children in rich households and vice versa’. In The European Journal of Development Research. Vol.30 pp320-341.

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Week 4: Child poverty in the majority world

Dornan, P. (2018) ‘Tracing the consequences of child poverty’. Young Lives Snapshot. Available online from here.  

Roelen, K. (2017) ‘Monetary and Multidimensional Child Poverty’. In Development and Change vol.48 no.3 pp502-533.

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Week 5: Child poverty in the minority world

UNICEF (2020) ‘Worlds of Influence’. Innocenti Report Card 16. Available online from here.

Main, G. and Mahony, S. (2018) ‘Fair Shares and Families’. London: The Children’s Society. Available online from here.

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Week 6: Group presentations

Please find your own resources for this week, in line with the topic of your presentation.

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Week 7: Approaches to researching child poverty

UNICEF (2017) ‘Milestone 2: Measuring child poverty’. Available online here.

Andresen, S. and Meiland, S. (2019) ‘Being poor from children’s point of view: the potential of childhood theory and qualitative methods for child poverty research’. In children and Youth Services Review vol.97 pp94-99.

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Week 8: Participatory anti-poverty research with children

Hall, B. L. and Tandon, R. (2017) ‘Decolonization of knowledge, epistemicide, participatory research and higher education’. In Research for All vol.1 no.1 pp6-19.

Sime, D. (2008) ‘Ethical and methodological issues in engaging young people living in poverty with participatory research methods’. In Children’s Geographies vol.6 no.1 pp63-78.

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Week 9: Putting research into policy and practice

 Leeds City Council (2018) ‘Thriving: The child poverty strategy for Leeds, 2019-2022’. Available online from here.

ADT Leeds panel (2019) ‘More Snakes than Ladders’. A report from the A Different Take Leeds panel. Available online from here.

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Week 10: Next steps in child poverty research, policy and practice

Bessell, S., Siagian, C. and Bexley, A. (2020) ‘Towards child-inclusive concepts of childhood poverty: The contribution and potential of research with children’. In Children and Youth Services Review vol.116 pp105118.

Howarth, C., McCartney, C., Mansfield, M. and Main, G. (2020) ‘A Different Take: Reflections on an intergenerational participatory research project’. In Social Work and Society vol.18 no.3.

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General reading: Use this list to follow up on your particular interests and for reference in your assignment:


Bradshaw, J. (2016) (Ed) The well-being of children in the UK. Bristol: Policy Press.

Layard, R. and Dunn, J. (2009) A good childhood : searching for values in a competitive age. London: Penguin.

Lister, R. (2021) (second edition) Poverty. Cambridge: Polity.  OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (MH 11/01/2022) 

McAuley, C. and Rose, W. (2010) Child well-being : understanding children's lives. London: Jessica Kingsley.

Minujin, A. and Nandy, S. (2012) (Eds) Global child poverty and well-being : measurement, concepts, policy and action. Bristol: Policy Press.

Ridge, T. (2002) Child poverty and social exclusion. Bristol: Policy Press.   

Watson, A. M. S. (2008) The child in international political economy : a place at the table. London: Routledge.


Child Indicators Research

Children & society.

Children and youth services review.

Journal of poverty and social justice.

Social indicators research.


Children’s Worlds:

The Children’s Society child well-being research programme:

Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK:

The Young Lives project:

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre:

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