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Module Reading List

Introduction to Dentistry and Medicine, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Marion Bowman
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


NB: There is no one set textbook specifically linked to this module. Instead there is a range of recommended sources (shown below). There is also some possible further reading associated with the learning sessions, so also look for reference lists at the end of any of the learning materials.


VLE Blackboard: Introduction to Dentistry and Medicine The VLE Blackboard log-in page will need your University username and password to enter.

Basic information about disease and treatments in patient-friendly language:

NHS Choices. n.d. [Online]. [Accessed 7 July 2016]. Available from:

Communication skills:

Silverman, J. Kurtz, S. and Draper, J. 2013. Skills for Communicating with Patients. 3rd edition. Oxford: Radcliffe.

Washer, P. (ed). 2009. Clinical communication skills. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Simons, D. Potter, C. and Temple, G. 2007. Hypnosis and communication in dental practice. Surrey: Quintessence Publishing.

For more detailed research evidence on different topics:

Key journals used by the medical and dental profession are British dental journal. and the British medical journal. These both contain search tools and can be accessed via the library website.

Searching the University of Leeds library is a very good place to start. Use key words to search.

Google scholar is another search engine you can use to get high quality academic resources, but some of these might be too detailed and complex.

The library website has comprehensive guides to support your learning including how to write academic essays, referencing and how to search for information.

Governing body standards:

General Dental Council Standards:

General Dental Council, 2013. Standards for the Dental Team, 2013. [Online] [Accessed 7 July 2016] Available from:

General Medical Council Standards:

This website contains many documents on professional standards and outcomes for graduates including:

• Achieving Good Medical Practice: guidance for medical students

• Tomorrows Doctors: outcomes for graduates

Simple guide to NHS dental treatments and costs:

This website provides an overview of the most common services provided by the NHS in England, such as emergency and urgent care, general practitioners (GPs) or dental services. Explore each service and find out what you should expect from the NHS, how to access particular services, and the costs involved (if any).


To identify dental diseases and treatment from placement:

School of Dentistry, 2013. I-Spy for Dentistry. [Booklet]. Leeds: University of Leeds. [Not held at Leeds University Library]

Miller, M. and Scully, C. 2011. Mosby's textbook of dental nursing, Edinburgh: Elsevier.

Oral Health Foundation. 2016. Oral treatments and dental health. [Online] [Accessed 6 July 2016] Available from:

For oral health education advice and guidance for patients of different ages:

Public Health England, 2014. Delivering better oral health : an evidence-based toolkit for prevention. [Online] [Accessed 6 July 2016]. Available from:

Murray, J.J. Nunn J.H. and Steele, J.G. 2003: The Prevention of Oral Disease, 4th edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


For Medical Language:

For dialogues relating to history taking, examinations, diagnosis and treatment, and plain language for medical conditions:

Glendinning, E.H. and Holmstrom, B.A.S. 2013. English in medicine : a course in communication skills 3rd edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

For learning medical vocabulary and plain English health vocabulary:

Glendinning, E.H. and Howard, R. 2007. Professional English in use : medicine. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

For looking up medical conditions, diseases and treatment during placement: 

Hopcroft, K and Forte, V. 2010. Symptom Sorter, 4th edition, Oxon: Radcliffe.

This list was last updated on 30/06/2021