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PHIL1080 Reading List

The Good, the Bad, the Right, the Wrong, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Callum Duguid
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Singer, P. (1972) 'Famine, Affluence, and Morality', Philosophy & public affairs. ISSN: 0048-3915 1 (3), pp. 229-43.  

Murphy, L. (1993) ‘The Demands of Beneficence’, Philosophy & public affairs. ISSN: 0048-3915 22 (4) (1993), pp. 267-292.

Miller, D. (2001) ‘Distributing Responsibilities’, The journal of political philosophy. ISSN: 0963-8016 9 (4), pp. 453-471.

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Nozick, R. (1974) ‘Moral Constraints and the State’, Chapter 3 in his Anarchy, state and utopia ISBN: 063119780X (pbk); 0631156801 (Oxford: Basil Blackwell), pp. 26-35. PDF on Minerva

Foot, P. (1983) 'Utilitarianism and the Virtues', Proceedings and addresses of the American Philosophical Association. ISSN: 0065-972x ISSN: 0065-972x 57 (2), pp. 273-83.

Otsuka, M. (2011) ‘Are Deontological Constraints Irrational?’ in The Cambridge Companion to Nozick’s ‘Anarchy, State & Utopia' (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2011), pp. 38-58.

Kagan, S. ‘Doing Harm’, Chapter 3 in his The limits of morality ISBN: 0198239165 (pbk); 0198249136 (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1989).

Kamm, F. M. (1992) ‘Non-Consequentialism, the Person as an End-in-Itself, and the Significance of Status’, Philosophy & public affairs. ISSN: 0048-391521 (4), pp. 354-389 (Sections II & IV only).

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Benedict, R. (1934) ‘Anthropology and the Abnormal’, Journal of General Psychology. ISSN: 0022-1309 10.1 (1934), pp. 59-82. PDF on Minerva

Rachels, J. (1986) ‘The Challenge of Cultural Relativism’, Chapter 2 in his The Elements of Moral Philosophy (New York : McGraw-Hill). Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  

Lyons, D. (1976) ‘Ethical Relativism and the Problem of Incoherence’, Ethics. ISSN: 0014-1704 86.2 (1976), pp. 107-121. 

Sturgeon, N. (1994) ‘Moral Disagreement and Moral Relativism’, Social philosophy and policy. ISSN: 0265-0525; 1471-6437 11. (1), pp. 80-115.

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Timmons, M. (2006) ‘Does Morality Depend on God’s Commands?’, in Conduct and character : readings in moral theory, ed. M. Timmons (Wadsworth Publishing Company), pp. 38-49. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva   

Swinburne, R. (2008) ‘God and Morality’, Think : philosophy for everyone 20 (7), pp. 7-15.  

Joyce, R. (2002) ‘Theistic Ethics and the Euthyphro Dilemma’, Journal of religious ethics. ISSN: 0384-9694 30 (1), pp. 49-75.

Schroeder, M. (2005) ‘Cudworth and Normative Explanations’, Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy ISSN: 1559-30611 (3), pp. 1-27.

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Stevenson, C. L. (2009) ‘The Nature of Ethical Disagreement’, in Exploring ethics : an introductory anthology, ed. S. Kahn (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp. 70-75. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Mackie, J. L. (1977) ‘The Argument from Relativity’, in his Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong (Harmondsworth: Pelican Books), pp. 36-8. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  

Foot, P. (1972) ‘Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives’, Philosophical review. ISSN: 0031-8108 81 (3), pp. 305-316.

Hare, R. M. (1976) ‘Some Confusions About Subjectivity’ in J. Brickle (ed), Freedom & morality : the Lindley Lectures delivered at the University of Kansas (Lawrence: University of Kansas Press 1976), pp. 191-208.

Enoch, D. (2009) ‘How Is Moral Disagreement a Problem for Realism?’, The journal of ethics. ISSN: 1382-4554 13 (1): 15-50.

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Rawls, John ‘Two Principles of Justice’, in Political Thought, ed. M. Rosen and J. Wolff (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999), pp. 241-45.  

Nozick, Robert (1974). Anarchy, State, Utopia (Chapter 7; read up to ‘Locke’s Theory of Acquisition, i.e., pages 149-174.)  

Cohen, G. A. ‘Robert Nozick and Wilt Chamberlain: How Patterns Preserve Liberty’, Erkenntnis 11.1 (1975), pp. 5-23.

Carl Knight & Zofia Stemplowska’s Introduction to Responsibility and Distributive Justice (pp. 2-5)   

Arneson, Richard (2011). ‘Luck Egalitarianism - A Primer.’ In Knight, C. & Stemplowska, Z. Responsibility and Distributive Justice, pp.24-50   

O’Neill, Onora (1982) ‘Nozick’s Entitlements’, in Reading Nozick : essays on Anarchy, state, and utopia, ed. J. Paul (Oxford: Blackwell), pp. 305-22 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Fried, B. (1995) ‘Wilt Chamberlain Revisited: Nozick’s “Justice in Transfer” and the Problem of Market-Based Distribution’, Philosophy & public affairsISSN: 0048-391524 (3), pp. 226-245.

Harsanyi, John .C., 1975. Can the maximin principle serve as a basis for morality? A critique of John Rawls's theory. American political science review, 69(2), pp.594-606.

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Mill, J. S. (1989), On liberty : with The subjection of women and Chapters on socialism, ed. S. Collini (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), Chapter 2. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva   

Brison, Susan J., 1998. The autonomy defense of free speech. Ethics, 108(2), pp.312-339.

Lawrence, Charles R. (1990). If he hollers let him go: Regulating racist speech on campus. Duke Law Journal 3: 431-483.

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Singer, Peter (1974) ‘All Animals are Equal’, Philosophic Exchange 5 (1), pp. 103-116.  

Francis, L.P. and Norman, R., 1978. Some animals are more equal than others. Philosophy, 53(206), pp.507-527. 

Norcross, Alastair (2004) ‘Puppies, Pigs, and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases’, Philosophical perspectives. ISSN: 1520-8583 18, pp. 229-245.

Kagan, Shelly (2016) ‘What’s Wrong with Speciesism?’ Journal of applied philosophy. ISSN: 0264-3758 33 (1), pp. 1-21.

Diamond, Cora (1978) 'Eating Meat and Eating People' Philosophy 53: 465-79.

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