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Module Reading List

Rock Mechanics, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Mark Hildyard
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

 The following are selected textbooks on fundamental rock mechanics principles. 

1. Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics. Jaeger, Cook, and Zimmermann, 4th edition, 2007. Based on South African and Australian practice, and updated by Zimmerman, includes link to ae. Considered as handbook in SA. Useful for theory.  

2. Engineering Rock Mechanics: Part 1: An Introduction to the principals. J A Hudson, and J P Harrison, Pergamon, 1997 (Online).  

3. Practical Rock Engineering: Evert Hoek, 2006. Freely available on "Hoek's Corner" This site includes videos and the full text for the textbook Practical Rock Engineering  

4. Engineering Rock Mechanics: Part 2 Illustrated worked examples. J P Harrison and J A Hudson, and , Pergamon, 2000. (Online).

5. Introduction to Rock Mechanics. Goodman 1989 - North American practice, geological viewpoint, includes stereographic projections, joint properties, and some examples. Wiley

6. Theory of Elasticity: Timoshenko and Goodier. 3rd edition, 1970. Excellent for a general understanding of elastic theory, and to find specific derivations. Warning, opposite conventions to Rock mechanics.

 A more detailed list is given in handouts and selected journal articles will be recommended in lectures.

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