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Module Reading List Sept 2021

Dissertation, 2021/22, Semester C12
Dr Indira Banner
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Atkins, L. & Wallace, S. 2016. Qualitative research in education ISBN: 9781446208069 (hbk.); 1446208060 (hbk.); 9781446208076 (pbk.); 1446208079 (pbk.); 9781446268070 ebk, London: Sage   

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Johnson, B. 2014. Educational research : quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches. California: Sage  

McDonagh, C., Roche, M., Sullivan, B. &  Glenn, M. 2013. Enhancing Practice through Classroom Research: A teacher’s guide to professional development. Taylor and Francis.

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