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Module Reading List

Foundations of Modelling and Rendering, 2021/22, Semester 1
Prof Hamish Carr
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The principal textbook and reference for the module is:

Hughes, van Dam et al, Computer Graphics (Third Edition), Addison-Wesley 2014 

Students are expected to have completed a prior module in the basics of graphics programming using either OpenGL or DirectX.  For those who have not, it is strongly recommended that they review the material in:

Kessenich, Sellers & Shreiner, Open GL Programming Guide (Ninth Edition), Addison-Wesley (2016)

although almost any reasonable OpenGL or DirectX textbook will do.


Students who wish to refresh the relevant mathematics prior to the module are recommended to consider:

Vince, Mathematics for Computer Graphics (Fifth Edition), Springer 2017.


For students wishing more information about concurrent programming, I recommend:

Williams, C++ Concurrency in Action (Second Edition), Manning 2019.

However, this covers both distributed and parallel concurrency, and understanding concurrent parallelism may be easier through OpenMP:

Chapman, Jost and van der Pas, Using OpenMP,  MIT Press 2007

is also useful.


More information on raytracing is also available in:

Pharr, Jakob & Humphreys, Physically Based Rendering (Third Edition), Morgan Kaufmann, 2016, available at

Shirley, Ray Tracing in One Weekend; Ray Tracing the Next Week; Ray Tracing the Rest of Your Life, (Kindle)

Haines & Akenine-Möller, Ray Tracing Gems. NVIDIA 2019


More information on shader languages is available in:

Rost et al., OpenGL Shading Language, Addison-Wesley 2009  

Sellers, Vulkan Programming Guide, Addison-Wesley 2016

DirectX Programming Guide, Microsoft,, 2016

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