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FYP Module Reading List

Final Year Project, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Julia Csikar/Ms Jenny Owen
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Selecting, Designing, and Developing your Questionnaire

Boynton, P. M ; Greenhalgh, T., BMJ, 2004-05, Vol.328 (7451), p.1312-1315  


Administering, Analysing, and Reporting your Questionnaire

Boynton, P.M., BMJ, 2004-06, Vol.328 (7452), p.1372-1375


Doing a Pilot Study: Why is it Essential?

Hassan, Schattner and Mazza, Malaysian family physician, 2006-01-01, Vol.1 (2-3), p.70-73  


Service Evaluation, Audit and Research: What is the Difference?

Twycross, A.; Shorten, A., Evidence-based nursing, 2014-07, Vol.17 (3), p.65-66 


Howitt, D., 2019. Introduction to qualitative research methods in psychology: Putting theory into practice. Pearson UK.,contains,qualitative%20research 



Statistics Support:

Research Methods in Psychology

Howitt, D.; Cramer, D. (2016) Fifth Edition. Harlow, United Kingdom: Pearson Education, Limited

Chapter 11 - Cross-sectional or correlational research: Non-manipulation studies

Chapter 14 - Data analysis issues and scientific progress

Chapter 19 - Qualitative data collection

Chapter 26 - Evaluating qualitative research

Introduction to statistics in psychology

Howitt, D.; Cramer, D. (2014) Sixth Edition. Harlow, England: Pearson

Chapter 1 - Why statistics?

Chapter 2 - Some basics: Variability and measurement

Chapter 3 - Describing variables: Tables and diagrams

Chapter 4 - Describing variables numerically: Averages, variation and spread

Chpater 10 - Samples and populations: Generalising and inferring


Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics 

Field, A.P., (2018) Fifth Edition. London: SAGE.

Chapter 1 - Why is my evil lecturer forcing me to learn statistics?

Chapter 2 - The spine of statistics.

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