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Module Reading List

European Constitutional Systems, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Chloe Wallace
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

J. Bell, S. Boyron and S. Whittaker Principles of French Law (2008) OUP

N. Foster and S. Sule German legal system and laws ISBN: 9780199233434 (pbk.); 0199233438 (pbk.) (2010) OUP

E. Merino-Blanco Spanish law and legal system ISBN: 0421902302 (pbk.) : £32.50 (2006) Sweet and Maxwell

K. Zweigert and H Kötz Introduction to comparative law (1998) OUP

H. P Glenn Legal Traditions of the World (2014) OUP

M. Siems Comparative law ISBN: 9780521177177 (paperback); 9781107003750 (hardback); 110700375X (hardback); 0521177170 (paperback) (2014) CUP: Chapter 3 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  

M. Reimann and R. Zimmerman The Oxford handbook of comparative law ISBN: 0199296065 : No price; 9780199296064 : No price (2006) OUP

Elgar Elgar encyclopedia of comparative law ISBN: 9781782540373 (pbk.) : £50.00 (ed. Jan M. Smits) 2nd ed (2014) Edward Elgar


Introductions to the German constitution

Donald  P. Kommers, Russell  A. Miller The Constitutional Jurisprudence of the Federal Republic of Germany, 3rd ed (2012), Duke UP

Werner Heun The constitution of Germany : a contextual analysis ISBN: 9781841138688 (pbk.); 1841138681 (pbk.) (2010) Bloomsbury

Michaela Hailbronner Traditions and transformations : the rise of German constitutionalism ISBN: 9780198735427 (hbk.) : £60.00; 0198735421 (2015) OUP

Jan-Werner Müller 'Militant Democracy', The Oxford handbook of comparative constitutional law ISBN: 9780199578610 (hbk.); 0199578613 (hbk.) (2012), 1253-1269

Russell Miller Introduction to German Law and Legal Culture: Texts and Materials (2018), Cambridge UP  

Michaela Hailbronner 'Rethinking the rise of the German Constitutional Court: From anti-Nazism to value formalism', International journal of constitutional law ISSN: 1474-2640 12:3 (2014), 626–649.

Monika Polzin 'Constitutional Identity as a Constructed Reality and a Restless Soul', German law journal ISSN: x000-1288 18:7 (2017),  

Russell Miller 'Germany’s German Constitution', Virginia Journal of International Law ISSN: 0042-6571 57:1 (2017), 96-128.

Eric Langenbacher, 'The political and constitutional order', Sarah Colvin (ed), The Routledge handbook of German politics & culture ISBN: 9780415686860 hardback; 0415686865 hardback; 9781315747040 electronic bk.; 1315747049 electronic bk. (2015), Routledge, 87-104

Donald Kommers and Russell Miller, 'Das Bundesverfassungsgericht: Procedure, Practice and Policy of the German Federal Constitutional Court', Journal of comparative law ISSN: 1477-0814 3:2 (2008), 194-211

The German Constitutional Court and sexual politics

Anne E.H. Sanders 'When, if not Now? An Update on Civil Partnership in Germany', German law journal ISSN: x000-1288 17:3 (2016),  

Russell Miller, Differencing Same-Sex Marriage, Int’l J. Const. L. Blog, April 19, 2013, available at

Anne Sanders 'Marriage, Same-Sex Partnership, and the German Constitution', German law journal ISSN: x000-1288 13:8 (2012),  

Reva B. Siegel, 'The constitutionalization of abortion', The Oxford handbook of comparative constitutional law ISBN: 9780199578610 (hbk.); 0199578613 (hbk.) (2012), 1060-1078 (compares Germany and US)

J. M. Scherpe 'Germany' American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law ISSN: 1068-428X 151:1 (2011), 151–186.

Other aspects of German constitutional law

Russell A Miller. "Germany's Basic Law and the Use of Force" Indiana journal of global legal studies. ISSN: 1080-0727 197 (2010),

Russell A. Miller, 'Germany v. Europe: The Principle of Democracy in German Constitutional Law and the Troubled Future of European Integration', Virginia Journal of International Law ISSN: 0042-6571 54:3 (2014), 579-614

Russell Miller, 'Balancing Security and Liberty in Germany', Journal of National Security Law & Policy ISSN: 1553-3158 269 (2010)

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