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LUBS3990 Reading List

Innovation Thinking and Practice, 2021/22, Semester 1
Tony Morgan
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

LUBS3990 – Reading List (Learning Resources)

See Module Guide and Learning Resources for reading instructions. 

In the library

*Tidd, J., and Bessant, J. 2013. Managing innovation: integrating technological, market and organizational change (5th edition). Wiley Publishing.

*Morgan, T. 2017. Collaborative Innovation: How Clients and Service Providers Can Work By Design to Achieve It. Business Expert Press.

*Lewrick, M., Link, P. and Leifer, L., 2018. The design thinking playbook: Mindful digital transformation of teams, products, services, businesses and ecosystems. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

*Brown, T. 2009. Change by Design. New York, NY: HarperCollins.

* Liedtka, O., Ogilvie, T., Brozenske, R. 2014. Designing for Growth. Field Book. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.

Hartley, P. and Dawson, M., 2010. Success in Groupwork. Basingstoke: Macmillan.

McCarthy, P. and Hatcher, C. 2002. Presentation skills : the essential guide for students ISBN: 0761940928 (pbk); 076194091X (hbk.) : £39.99. London: Sage Publications Ltd. 

Robinson, K., 2011. Out of our minds: Learning to be creative. John Wiley & Sons. 

Williams, K., Woolliams, M. and Spiro, J., 2012. Reflective writing ISBN: 9780230377257. Macmillan International Higher Education. 

Mootee, I. 2014. Design thinking for strategic innovation : what they can’t teach you at business or design school. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Liedtka, J., and King, Andrew, 2013. Solving Problems with Design Thinking: 10 Stories of What Works. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.


On Minerva

Anderson, J.C., Narus, J.A. and Van Rossum, W., 2006. Customer value propositions in business markets. Harvard business review. ISSN: 0017-8012, 84, pp.1-4. (week 8)

Anderson, J.C. and Narus, J.A., 1998. Business marketing: Understand what customers value. Harvard business review. ISSN: 0017-8012, 76, pp.53-67. (week 8)

Brown, T., 2008. Design Thinking. Harvard business review. ISSN: 0017-8012. June, 84-92. (week 1)

Daly, P., and Dennis D. 2016. Structural, linguistic and rhetorical features of the entrepreneurial pitch: Lessons from Dragons’ Den. Journal of management development ISSN: 0262-1711 35 (1), 120-132. (week 9)

Dattner, B. and Hogan, R., 2011. Can you handle failure?.  Harvard business review, April, 117-21. (week 5)

Gallo, A. 2015. How to help your team bounce back from failure. Harvard business review, February. (week 5)

Giacomin, J. 2014. What Is Human Centred Design?, The design journal. ISSN: 1460-6925; 1756-3062, 17:4, 606-623. (week 6)

Haas, M and Mortensen, M. 2016. The secret of great teamwork.  Harvard business review. June. (week 4)

Kanter, RM. 2011. How great companies think differently,  Harvard business review, November. (week 3)

Kelley, T. and Kelley, D., 2012. Reclaim your creative confidence.  Harvard business review, 90(12), pp.115-8. (week 6)

Kolko, J., 2015. Design thinking comes of age.  Harvard business review, September. (week 7)

McCaffrey, T. and Pearson, J., 2015. Find innovation where you least expect it.  Harvard business review, 93(12), pp.82-89. (week 2)

Verganti, R., 2011. Designing breakthrough products.  Harvard business review, 89(10), pp.1-8. (week 1)


Online resources

Leeds Library – Reflective writing resource (with example of a learning log):  

University of Suffolk – Reflective writing resource (with video):   

Prof. David Coghlan explains how to write a reflective report:    

Leeds Library – Group work:

University of Waterloo – Being an Effective Group Member  

TED Talk – Tom Wujek on building a tower, building a team:

University of Birmingham – Guide to Commercial Awareness:

Mindtools - Developing Commercial Awareness web article -

RBS Training Resource – Understanding the ABC's of Commercial Awareness:    

Interaction Design Foundation – What is Design Thinking (article and video)

Stanford Business article and video on design thinking:  

IBM Design Thinking Field Guide -

IBM Design Thinking resources -   

IDEO Design Thinking resources -

TED Talk – Tom Chi on rapid prototyping:   

Leeds Library – Plan your presentation. Web Resource:  

TED Talk Playlist on giving presentations: 

Brunel University London – Oral communication: Evaluating your performance:

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