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Module Reading List

Contemporary World Literature, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Sarah Hudspith
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Primary Reading (in order of study)

Semester One: 

Yakhina, Guzel, Zuleikha, trans. Lisa Hayden, London: Oneworld, 2019.  

Cueto, Alonso, The Blue Hourtrans. Frank Wynne, London: Windmill, 2013.    

Tawada, Yoko, Memoirs of a Polar Bear, trans. Susan Bernofsky, London: Portobello Books, 2017.    

Semester Two: 

Ferrante, Elena, The Story of the Lost Child ISBN: 9781609452865 (softcover); 1609452860 (softcover), trans. Ann Goldstein, London: Europa Editions, 2015.       

Dib, Mohammed, 'The Savage Night', in The Savage Night, trans. C. Dickson, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2001, pp. 47-72.      Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva   

Zeh, Juli, The Method ISBN: 9780099551768 (pbk.) : 9; 0099551764 (pbk.) : 9, trans. Sally-Ann Spencer, London: Vintage, 2012.    

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Required secondary reading

Week 1

Parks, Tim. ‘The Dull New Global Novel’, The New York Review of Books, 9 February 2010,


Week 2

Roy, Nilanjana, ‘Zuleikha by Guzel Yakhina – freedom in exile’, The Financial Times, 31 May 2019

Week 3

Prose, Francine, ‘Exiled to Siberia: A first novel revisits Stalin’s Great Purge’, The New York Times, 1 March 2019,

Galaydov, Daniil, ‘Zuleikha opens her eyes to dark spots of Russian history’, The Moscow Times, 22 May 2020

Amos, Howard, ‘ “Learn to live with it, even forgive”: Russia’s best-sellling author Guzel Yakhina on the traumas of Soviet history’, The Calvert Journal, 4 March 2019

Week 4

Costa-Kostritsky, Valeria and Shcherbina, Vera, ‘There’s a Problem with Zuleikha’, Tribune, 6 June 2020

Maguire, Muireann,  ‘Climbing the mountain and crossing the wall: politically sensitive post-Soviet women’s literature in translation’, Translating Women – Activism in Action, ed. by Olga Castro and Helen Vassallo, Institute of Translation and Interpreting, 2020 (Click 'login' to create a FREE account and download the e-book).


Week 5

Chauca, Edward, 'Mental illness in Peruvian narratives of violence after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission', Latin American Research Review Vol. 51, No. 2 (2016), pp. 67-85. (Read pp. 67-70 for contextual background, and pp. 76-80 re: The Blue Hour).

Week 6

Lambright, Anne, 'Chapter 1: Sustaining Dominant Narratives', in Andean Truths: Transitional Justice, Ethnicity and Cultural Production in Post-Shining-Path Peru, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2015.      

Week 8

Dickson, Kent 'Trauma and trauma discourse: Peruvian fiction after the CVR', Chasqui, Vol. 42, No. 1 (Mayo 2013), pp. 64-76.


 Week 9

Kafka, Franz, ‘A Report to an Academy’, in Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories (any edition)  

Week 10

Sturm-Trigonakis, Elke ‘Contemporary German-Based Hybrid Texts as New World Literature’ in German Literature as World Literature, ed. Thomas Beebee, New York: Bloomsbury, 2014, pp. 177-195

Sobelle, Stefanie, ‘Susan Bernofsky Walks the Tightrope: An Interview About Translating Yoko Tawada’s “Memoirs of a Polar Bear”, Los Angeles Review of Books, 9 November 2016

Week 11

Herrmann, Elisabeth, ‘How Does Transnationalism Redefine Contemporary Literature?’, in Transnationalism in Contemporary German-Language Literature, eds. Elisabeth Hermann, Carrie Smith-Prei and Stuart Taberner, Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2015, pp. 19-42

Galchen, Rivka, ‘Imagine That: The Profound Empathy of Yoko Tawada’, The New York Times Magazine, 27 October 2016


Week 15

Fischer, Molly, 'Elena Ferrante and the force of female friendship', The New Yorker. ISSN: 0028-792X, 4 September 2014,

Wood, James, 'Women on the Verge. The fiction of Elena Ferrante', The New Yorker, 21 January 2013,

'Women Who Write', in Ferrante, Elena, Frantumaglia : a writer's journey , translated by Ann Goldstein, New York: Europa Editions, 2016, pp. 258-290.  OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (IK 09/10/2019) 

Week 16

Mah, Ann, 'Elena Ferrante’s Naples, Then and Now', The New York Times, 14 January 2016,

Ferrante, Elena, 'Our Fetid City', The New York Times, 15 January 2008,

Cavanaugh, Jillian R. 'Indexicalities of Language in Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels: Dialect and Italian as Markers of Social Value and Difference', in The works of Elena Ferrante : reconfiguring the margins , ed by Grace Russo Bullaro e Stephanie Love (New York: Palgrave Mcmillan, 2016)   

'Language versus dialect, or why we're obsessed with Elena Ferrante', The World in Words, Public Radio International (PRI), Boston USA, 7 April 2017:

Week 17

 'Ties that bind. A four-volume feminist novel from Naples has become an unlikely global hit', The economist. , 27 August 2015,

Simpson, Mona, 'Elena Ferrante Writes Fiction That Feels Autobiographical. But Who Is She?', New republic. 10 October 2014,

Wehling-Giorgi, Katrin,  'Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels: Writing Liminality', Allegoria. , 73 (2016), pp.204-210.  OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (afp 28/10/2020) 

Lowry, Elizabeth,  'Friends and Other Enemies', Wall Street Journal, 21 November 2015


Week 18

Maerhofer, John W. ‘Algeria “Revisited”: Imperialism, Resistance, and the Dialectic of Violence in Mohammed Dib's “The Savage Night”, College Literature 37(1) (December 2010): 204-221

Week 19

Enyida, David, ‘Rhythm of Violence in Mohammed Dib's Short Stories’, 2019,

Week 20

Fanon, Frantz, ‘Concerning Violence’, in The Wretched of The Earth, trans. Richard Philcox, New York: Grove Press, 2004: 27-47.



Week 21

Smith-Prei, Carrie, ‘Relevant Utopian Realism: The Critical Corporeality of Juli Zeh's Corpus Delicti’, Seminar : a journal of Germanic studies. ISSN: 0037-1939; 1911-026X 48.1 (February 2012), pp.107-123

Week 22

Koellner, Sarah, Data, Love, and Bodies: The Value of Privacy in Juli Zeh’s Corpus Delicti, Seminar : a journal of Germanic studies, 52.4 (November 2016), pp. 407-425 

Week 23

McCalmont, Virginia and Maierhofer, Waltraud, 'Juli Zeh's "Corpus Delicti" (2009): Health Care, Terrorists, and the Return of the Political Message', Monatshefte. ISSN: 0026-9271, 104.3 (Fall 2012), pp. 375-392


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General scholarship on world/global/comparative literature

Beecroft, Alexander, An Ecology of World Literature, London: Verso, 2015.

Hutchinson, Ben, Comparative Literature: a Very Short Introduction, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018.   

Walkowitz, Rebecca, Born Translated: The Contemporary Novel in an Age of World Literature, New York: Columbia University Press, 2015.

Warwick Research Collective (WReC), Combined and Uneven Development: Towards a New Theory of World-Literature, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2015.

‘World Lite: What is Global Literature?’, n+1, Issue 17, 2013:


Conquest, Robert, The Great Terror: A Reassessment, London: Pimlico, 2008. (For historical background)

Dobrenko, Evgeny and Lipovetsky, Mark, eds, Russian literature since 1991 , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015 (For general background on contemporary Russian literature)

Kaznelson, Michael, 'Remembering the Soviet State: Kulak children and dekulakisation', Europe-Asia Studies vol. 59, no. 7 (Nov 2007), pp. 1163-1177. (Focuses on the experience of children, but is useful in giving context about dekulakisation and about the process of remembering and relating the experience).


Espinosa, Agustin; Paez, Dario; Velazquez, Tesania; Cueto, Rosa Maria; Seminario, Evelyn; Sandoval, Salvador; Reategui, Felix; Jave, Iris, 'Between remembering and forgetting the years of political violence: psychosocial impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Peru, Political Psychology vol. 38 no. 5 (2017), pp. 849-866

Shang Ndi, Gilbert, 'Righting the aftermath: on the ethics of recognition in the postwar novels of Alonso Cueto and Julien Kilanga Musinde', Comparative Literature Studies vol. 57, no. 1 (2020), pp. 95-125

'Mario Vargas Llosa in conversation with Alonso Cueto: Celebrating Don Quixote', Review (Americas Society) vol. 50, no. 1 (2017), pp. 42-48

Rivera, Fernando, 'Writing the sexual-cultural encounter in the Andes: La hora azul by Alonso Cueto', Bulletin of Hispanic Studies vol. 90, no. 7 (2013), pp. 853-866.



Beebee, Thomas ed. German Literature as World Literature, New York: Bloomsbury, 2014

Herrmann, Elisabeth, Carrie-Smith Prei, and Stuart Taberner, eds. Transnationalism in Contemporary German-Language Literature, Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2015

Taberner, Stuart, Transnationalism and German-Language Literature in the Twenty-First Century, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

Slaymaker, Doug, ed. Yoko Tawada: Voices From Everywhere, Lanham: Lexington Books, 2007 (provides useful biographical information on Tawada, as well as an introduction to her other work)

Book chapters/articles

De Donno, ‘Translingual Affairs of World Literature: Rootlessness and Romance in Jhumpa Lahiri and Yoko Tawada’, Journal of World Literature, 6.1 (2021), pp. 103-122

Derrida, Jacques, 'The Animal That I Therefore Am (More to Follow)', trans by David Wills, Critical Enquiry, 28.2 (2002) pp. 369-418

McNeill, Elizabeth, ‘Writing and Reading (with) Polar Bears in Yoko Tawada’s Etüden im Schnee', The German Quarterly, 92.1 (2019), pp. 51-67

Walkowitz, Rebecca L., ‘On Not Knowing: Lahiri, Tawada, Ishiguro', New Literary History, 51.2 (2020), pp. 323-46

Interviews, Reviews and Newspaper Articles

Brandt, Bettina, ‘The Postcommunist Eye: An Interview with Yoko TawadaWorld Literature TodayJan-Feb 2006.

Goldman, Nathan, ‘Memoirs of a Polar Bear: Yoko Tawada’, Full Stop: Reviews, Interviews, Marginalia, February 9 2017

O’Key, Dominic, ‘Writing between species: Yoko Tawada’s Memoirs of a Polar Bear’, 3am Magazine, 16 May 2017


Ferrante, Elena, Frantumaglia : a writer's journey ISBN: 9781609454326 (pbk.) : £11.99, translated by Ann Goldstein, New York: Europa Editions, 2016

Chihaya, Sarah; Emre, Merve; Hill, Katherine; Richards, Jill, The Ferrante Letters: an Experiment in Collective Criticism New York: Columbia University Press, 2020.   

Tortorici, Diana, 'Those Like Us: On Elena Ferrante', n + 1, Issue 22,


Coly, Ayo A. The Pull of Postcolonial Nationhood: Gender and Migration in Francophone African Literatures (Lexington 2010)


 de Berg, Henk, 'Mia gegen den Rest der Welt. Zu Juli Zehs Corpus Delicti,' in: Kalina Kupczynska and Artur Pelka (eds.), Repräsentationen des ethischen : festschrift für Joanna Jablkowska ISBN: 9783631627136, Wuerzburg: K&N 2013 - IN GERMAN!

Marcuse, Herbert One-Dimensional Man, London: Routledge 2012


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