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Applied Dental Hygiene DSUR 2000 Module Reading List

Applied Dental Hygiene, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Jane Holt
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Periodontal disease

Clerehugh et al. 2009. Periodontology at a Glance. Wiley -Blackwell.*

Journal of clinical periodontology. ISSN: 0303-6979 ISSN: 0303-6979 Peer Reviewed: Peer Reviewed

1974 to 1996 in Wiley Online Library All Backfiles 01.01.1997 to Present in Wiley:Jisc Collections:Online Library Full Collection:2018   

Special Care in Dentistry

Skully, C, P.D. Dios & N. Kumar. Special care in dentistry : handbook of oral health care ISBN: 0443071519 (pbk.). Churchill, Livingstone. Elsevier.

Fiske, J, A. Dougall & D. Lewis. 2009. A clinical guide to special care dentistry ISBN: 9780904588934; 0978090458989; 0904588939. The authoritative reference for dental practitioners and students. BDJ Books. ISBN 097

Literature searching and critical appraising journal articles 

Aveyard, H 2010. Doing a literature review in health and social care. A practical guide. 2nd edition: Open University Press.     

Bell, J. 2005. Doing your research project: a guide for first time researchers in education, health and social science. Open University Press

Blaxter, L., C. Hughes & M Tight 2006. How to research. Open University Press

Brettle A. and Grant M.J. (2004) Finding the evidence for practice : a workbook for health professionals ISBN: 044307450x . Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

Brunette D.M. (2007) Critical thinking : understanding and evaluating dental research . Chicago: Quintessence

Clarkson et al. 2003. Evidence based dentistry for effective practice ISBN: 1841841994 (pbk)ISBN: 1841841994 (pbk). London. Martin Dunitz

Daly et al. 2013. Essential Dental Public Health. Oxford University Press: Chapter 7: Evidence-based practice. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Ghaye, T, & S Lillyman 2000. Reflection : principles and practice for healthcare professionals. Marl Allen Pub Ltd

Greenhalgh, T. 2010. How to read a paper. 4th edition. Wiley Blackwell.   

Gosall, N.K. & G.S Gosall 2009. The doctor’s guide to critical appraisal. 2nd edition. Cheshire. PasTest.   

Rattan, R., R Chambers & G Wakely 2002.Clinical governance in general dental practice ISBN: 1857759354ISBN: 1857759354, Rawcliffe Medical Press

Schneider et al. 2013. Nursing and Midwifery Research methods and appraisal for evidence-based practice 4th edition. London: Mosby Elsevier. E-Book  


Altman D.G. (1991). Practical statistics for medical research ISBN: 0412276305; 9780412276309. London: Chapman and Hall. (2007 edition on order for the Health Sciences Library).

Bulman JS and Osborn JF (2002). Statistics in Dentistry.

Feinstein, AR (2001). Principles of Medical Statistics, 3rd Edition. (electronic version available from University Library)

Field, A.P. (2018). Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics (5th ed.). Londondon: Sage.

Howitt, D., Cramer, D. (2017). Research methods in psychology (5th edition). New York; Harlow, England: Pearson.

Howitt, D., Cramer, D.,1948. (2011). Introduction to statistics in psychology (5th ed.).Harlow: Prentice Hall.

Law, Graham R; Pascoe, Shane W 2013, Statistical epidemiology book: AVAILABLE, Health Sciences WA 900 LAW, Health Sciences

Rowntree, D. 2018. Statistics without tears : an introduction for non-mathematicians ISBN: 0140136320. Penguin Books Ltd. 

 Useful web resources

Department of Health. Delivering better oral health : an evidence-based toolkit for prevention*

The Cochrane Library:*

American Dental Association, Evidence-based dentistry UK:

 National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (providing data from the former National electronic Library for Medicines (NwLM) available:

 NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York:


 Critical appraisal tools**

Professional Practice 1 & 2, 2018/19, Semester 1, 2
Mrs J. Holt
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Module Health and Safety Protocol Standards for the Dental Team 2013 *

General Dental Council 2005 Standards for dental professionals. *

Brennan Oliver Jones Harvey 2006 Ethics and law for the dental team ISBN: 1904627412; 9781904627418 1st ed Pastest

R Rattan R Chambers G Wakeley 2002 Clinical governance in general dental practice ISBN: 1857759354 Rawcliffe Medical Press

NICE guidelines

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