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Module Reading List

European Legal Systems, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Chloe Wallace
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Students will be regularly referring to one of the following, depending on your programme of study. If possible, it is wise to buy your own copy, or have a copy to share, as it will be of use for you during your year abroad

E. Merino-Blanco Spanish law and legal system ISBN: 9780421902305; 0421902302 (pbk.) : £32.50 (2nd ed) (2006) London, Sweet and Maxwell   

N. Foster and S. Sule German legal system and laws ISBN: 9780199233434 (pbk.); 0199233438 (pbk.) (4th ed) (2010) Oxford, OUP   

J. Bell, S. Boyron and S. Whittaker Principles of French Law (2nd ed) (2008) Oxford, OUP  

The following books in the library are also useful, and can be used for further reading

K. Zweigert and H. Koetz An Introduction to Comparative Law (3rd ed) (1998) Oxford, OUP Chapter 7 pp 83-97  OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (KR 15/02/2019) 

H. Patrick Glenn Legal Traditions of the World (3rd ed.) (2007) Oxford, OUP

M. Siems Comparative Law (2018) Cambridge, CUP.  

E. Steiner French law : a comparative approach ISBN: 9780199232376 (pbk.) : £32.99; 0199232377 (pbk.) : £32.99 (2010) Oxford, OUP - Chapter 7 (pp 139-157)  OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (KR 01/11/2018) 

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