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Module Reading List

Research Project, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Sarah Isherwood
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential reading

ALLEN, K.L (Ed). 2005. Study skills : a student survival guide . Chichester, UK. Wiley.

BELL, J. 2010. Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers in education and social science . 5th edition. Maidenhead, UK, Open University Press.

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RAMLAUL, A (Ed). 2010. Medical imaging and radiotherapy research : skills and strategies .  Elsevier 

Top of page

AVEYARD H. 2011. A beginner's guide to critical thinking and writing in health and social care . Open University Press.

AVEYARD H. 2010. Doing A Literature Review in Health and Social Care. Open University Press.

BANNISTER, B, S. GILLESPIE, and J. JONES. 2006. Infection : microbiology and management (3rd Ed). Oxford, UK. Blackwell Publishing.

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MARSHALL G & L Jonker 2010. A concise guide to descriptive statistics; Imaging and Therapy Practice, Society of Radiographers 

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