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Module Reading List

Managing and Delivering Sustainability through Projects and Organisations, 2021/22, Semester 2
Rory Padfield
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

General Reading - Context  

These texts provide you with the background and context for why the skills and knowledge to address sustainability through all proejcts is so important.

Hitchcock DE and Willard M " The step-by-step guide to sustainability planning : how to create and implement sustainability plans in any business or organization " Sheffield : Greenleaf, 2004

Laszlo, C and Zhexembayeva N (2011) " Embedded sustainability : the next big competitive advantage " UK: Greenleaf

Senge, P "The necessary revolution : how individuals and organizations are working together to create a sustainable world" (2010 ) Broadway

The following three articles are particularly helpful in providing a review of relevant literature and therefor helping you identify further reading related to the topics that you find most useful as you progress through the module:

Marcelino-Sádaba, S., González-Jaen, L.F. & Pérez-Ezcurdia, A., 2015. Using project management as a way to sustainability. From a comprehensive review to a framework definition. Journal of cleaner production., 99(C), pp.1–16.

Sánchez, M.A., 2015. Integrating sustainability issues into project management. Journal of cleaner production., 96(C), pp.319–330.

Sabini, L., Muzio, D., Alderman, N., 2019. 25 years of‘sustainable projects’. What we know and what the literature says. International Journal of Project Management, 37, pp. 820-838. 

Specific references, reading and websites will be included in the teaching sessions.


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General Reading – Project Management

Burke, R (2003) Project Management planning and Control (4th edition) New York: Wiley (5th edition published but not available from University library) 

Cleland, D I (1998) Project management handbook (2nd edition), Josset-Bass Publishers

Cleland, D and R, Gareis (2006). Global project management handbook : planning, organizing, and controlling international projects. McGraw-Hill Professional. Available as e-book from

Lock, D (2007) Project management (9th edition). Aldershot: Gower

Maltzman, R and D Shirley (2011) Green project management. London: CRC Press

Project Management Institute (2008) A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK guide). (PMBOK) PMI publications

Reiss, G (2007) Project management demystified : today's tools and techniques (3rd edition) Taylor & Frances, London

Rosenau, M D (1992) Successful project management: a step by step approach with practical examples (2nd edition). New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold

Starkey R & Welford R (2001) The Earthscan reader in business and sustainable development, Earthscan, London.

Turner, J Rodney (2007) Gower handbook of project management (4th edition). Gower, UK. Available in e-book from


Labushagne, C and A. Brent (2005). ‘Sustainable Project Life Cycle Management: The Need to Integrate Life Cycles in the Manufacturing Sector.’ International journal of project management. Vol 23(1) 159-168

Labuschagne, C, A Brent and S Claasen (2005) ‘Environmental and social impact considerations for sustainable project life cycle management in the process industry’ Corporate social responsibility and environmental management. Vol 12(1) 38-54

Turner (2006). ‘Towards a Theory of Project Management: The Nature of the Project’. International journal of project management. 24(1) 1- 3.

Oncken, W and Wass, DL (1999) "Management time : who's got the monkey? " Harvard business review. 

Silvius, AJ and Schipper R (2014) Sustainability in project management: A literature review and impact analysisSocial Business  4 (1), 63-96  

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General Reading - Stakeholder Engagement 

In addition, some of the texts listed above for project management contain chapters covering issues of stakeholder involvement.

Andriof A, and Waddock S, Husted B and Sutherland Rahman S (2003). Unfolding stakeholder thinking 2: Relationships, Communication, reporting and Performance. Greenleaf Publishing Limited, Sheffield, UK.

Boutilier R. (2009) Stakeholder politics : social capital, sustainable development, and the corporation. Greenleaf Publishing Limited, Sheffield, UK.

Freeman R. E. (1984) Strategic management : a stakeholder approach. Pitman, Marshfield.

Hamdi N. (2010) The placemaker's guide to building community. Earthscan, London, UK.

Kelly G, Kelly D & Gamble A eds. (1997) Stakeholder Capitalism. New York : St. Martin's Press ; Basingstoke : Macmillan in association with Political Economy Research Centre, University of Sheffield, 1997.

Larkin N and Scheubel (2010) Corporate community involvement : the definitive guide to maximizing your business' societal engagement. Greenleaf Publishing Limited, Sheffield, UK.

Sarkissian W., Hofer N., Shore Y., Vajda S and Wilkinson C. (2010) Kitchen table sustainability : practical recipes for community engagement with sustainability. Earthscan, London, UK.

Steger U. (ed) (2006) Inside the mind of the stakeholder : the hype behind stakeholder pressure. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK.

UK Round Table on Sustainable Development (1998) A stakeholder approach to sustainable business. London : UK Round Table on Sustainable Development

MacArthur J D (1997) Stakeholder roles and stakeholder analysis in project planning : a review of approaches in three agencies-- World Bank, ODA and NRI. Bradford : Development and Project Planning Centre, University of Bradford.


Buysse K and Verbeke A (2003). ‘Proactive Environmental Strategies: A Stakeholder Management Perspective.’ Strategic management journal. 24(5): 453-470

Henriques I and Sadorsky P (1999). ‘The relationship between environmental commitment and managerial perceptions.’ Academy of Management journal. Feb 1999, 42(1):87

Hillman A and Keim G (2001). ‘Shareholder value, stakeholder management and Social Issues: What’s the Bottom Line? ’ Strategic management journal. 22(2): 125–139 (2001)

Kaler J (2003) Differentiating Stakeholder Theories Journal of business ethics. 46(1): 71-83

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General reading – Community Participation

Arnstein S. (1969) A ladder of citizen participation. Journal of the American Institute of Planners 35 (4): 216–224

Bulkeley, H., and A. P. J. Mol (2003). Participation and environmental governance: Consensus, ambivalence and debate. Environmental values., 12 (2): 143-154.

Garvey, N., Newell, P., 2005. Corporate accountability to the poor? Assessing the effectiveness of community-based strategies. Development in practice. 15, 389-404

Gedicks, A. (2001) Resource rebels : native challenges to mining and oil corporations. (Cambridge, MA: South End).

Irvin, R. A., and J. Stansbury (2004). Citizen participation in decision making: Is it worth the effort? Public administration review., 64 (1): 55-65.

O’Faircheallaigh, C. and Corbett, T. (2005) ‘Indigenous Participation in Environmental Management of Mining Projects: The Role of Negotiated Agreements’, Environmental politics., 14(5): 629-647.

Wilson, E., Schwarte, C., Cotula, L., Garside,B. and Siegele, L. (2009) Taking control: how citizens can hold industry to account. IIED Briefing Papers. International Institute for Environment and Development. London. Available at:

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Journals relevant to whole module include:

· Business strategy and the environment.

· International journal of project management.

· Greener management international.

· Sustainable development

There are a large number of Business & Management Journals which are worth researching. Amongst these are : 

• International journal of project management.

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Innovation and Change

The core text for understanding product innovation is:

Rogers, E (2003) Innovation Diffusion (book)

The following paper is not abut sustainability per se, but it is a useful primer on innovation in business models, which could lead to more sustainable outcomes: Teece, D J (2010) "Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation" Long Range Planning. 43, pp 172 - 194


Environmental Management Systems  

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