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Module Reading List

Dissertation for International Business, 2021/22, Semester F09
Ziko Konwar
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The main text is:

Saunders, M.N.K. Lewis, P. and Thornhill,A. (2019): Research methods for business students. Pearson.  

Additional readings on most topics can be found in:

Biggam, J. (2012), Succeeding with your Master’s Dissertation. A step-by-step handbook, Open University Press.

Creswell, J. W. (2018), Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches, 5th Edition, Sage

Denscombe, M. (2012),Research proposals : a practical guide, Open University Press

Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R. and Jackson, P.R. (2008),  Management Research 3rd edition, London: Sage

Robson, C. (2002), Real World Research, 2nd Edition, Blackwell

Wallwork A. (2011), English for writing research papers Published by Springer


The following texts provide further readings in specialist areas:

Literature Review

Qualitative Research

  • Birkinshaw, J., Brannen, M. Y., and Tung, R. L. (2011). From a distance and generalizable to up close and grounded: Reclaiming a place for qualitative methods in international business research. Journal of International Business Studies, 42(5): 573-581.

Case study Research

  • Dyer, W.G. and. Wilkins, A.L (1991). Better stories, not better constructs, to generate better theory: A rejoinder to Eisenhardt, Academy of Management Review, 16 (3): 613-619.
  • Fletcher, M., Zhao, Y., Plakoyiannaki, E. and Buck, T. (2018). Three Pathways to Case Selection in International Business: A Twenty–Year Review, Analysis and Synthesis. International Business Review, 27(4):755-766.
  • Poulis K., Poulis, E., and Plakoyiannaki, E. (2013). The role of context in case selection: an International Business perspective, International Business Review, 22 (1), 304-314.
  • Piekkari, R., Plakoyiannaki, E. & Welch, C (2010) ‘Good’ case research in industrial marketing: Insights from research practice. Industrial Marketing Management, 39: 109-117.
  • Welch, C. Piekkari, R., Plakoyiannaki E. and Paavilainen-Mantymaki, E. (2011). Theorising from case studies: Towards a pluralist future for International Business research, Journal of International Business Studies, 42 (6), 740-762.

Qualitative Interviews

  • Alvesson, M. (1993). Beyond neopositivists, romantics and localists: A reflexive approach to interviews in organizational research, Academy of Management Review, 23(1): 13-33.
  • Huber, G. P. and Power, D. J. (1985). Retrospective reports of strategic-level managers: guidelines for increasing their accuracy. Strategic Management Journal, 6: 171–80.
  • Kumar, N., Stern, N. and Anderson, J (1993). Conducting interorganizational research using key informants. Academy of Management Journal, 36(6): 1633-1651.
  • Welch, C., Marschan-Piekkari, R., Penttinen, H. and Tahvanainen, M. (2002). Corporate elites as informants in qualitative international business research, International Business Review, 11(5): 611-628.
  • Welch, C. and Piekkari, R. (2006), ‘Crossing language boundaries: qualitative interviewing in international business’, Management International Review46(4), 417-437.


Archival Data

  • Welch, C. (2000). The archaeology of business networks: The use of archival records in case study research, Journal of Strategic Marketing, 8: 197-208.

Qualitative Data Analysis

  • Dubois, A. and Gadde, L-E. (2002). Systematic Combining: An Abductive approach to case research, Journal of Business Research, 55, 553-560.




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