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Module Reading List

Social Work Theory and Practice Across the Life Course, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Kirsteen Laidlaw
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading lists are available via the portal and VLE.

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Essential reading

BOWLBY, J., 1988. Clinical applications of attachmentLondon: Routleg

BUTLER, G., 2015. Observing children and families : beyond the surface ISBN: 191039162X; 9781910391624; 9781910391631 (MOBI); 9781910391648 (EPUB); 9781910391655 (Adobe e-book). Critical Publishing.

CRAWFORD, K. and J. WALKER. 2008. Social Work with Older People (2nd ed). Exeter. Learning Matters (available online)

CRAWFORD, K. and J. WALKER. 2010. Social Work and Human Development (3rd ed) Exeter. Learning Matters  

Daniel, B., Wassell, S & Gilligan R. 2010. Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers. London. Jessica Kingsley (available online)

FERGUSON, H. and NORTON, J., 2011. Child protection practice ISBN: 9780230242838 (pbk.). Macmillan International Higher Education

GALVANI, S. 2012. Supporting people with alcohol and drug problems : making a difference The Policy Press: Bristol

GIBSON, A and GIBSON, N. 2016. Human growth, behaviour and development : essential theory and application in social work. London. Sage.  

GREEN, M. 2010. Understanding the life course : sociological and psychological perspectives. Cambridge. Polity   

HOWE, D., 2011. Attachment across the lifecourse : a brief introduction ISBN: 9780230293595; 023029359X. Macmillan International Higher Education.

INGRAM, R. 2015 Understanding Emotions in Social Work: Theory, Practice and Reflection Open Univeristy Press: Maidenhead

MILLER W. and ROLLNICK, S. 2013. Motivational interviewing : helping people change. New York: The Guildford Press

NELSON, A. 2012 Social work with substance users. London: Sage (Recommended Reading: Nelson is a key text that has an overview of current practice and the context of drugs and alcohol work) 

OLIVER, M. & SAPEY, B. 2006. Social Work with Disabled People. Basingstoke. Palgrave

Payne, G. & Harrison, E. 2020. Social Divisions (4th ed). Bristol: Policy Press (available online)

(good chapters on age, poverty, health, disability from a social/life course perspective)

PRIESTLEY, M. 2003. Disability : a life course approach. Cambridge. Polty  

ROGERS, M. WHITAKER, D. EDMONDSON, D and PEACH, D. 2017.Developing Skills for Social Work Practice. Sage: London  

RYAN, T and WALKER, R. 2016. Life Story Work: Why, What, How and When. CoramBAAF  

WEINSTEIN, J. 2008. Working with loss, death and bereavement : a guide for social workers. London. Sage

WHITE, T. (2012) Working with drug and alcohol users : a guide to providing understanding, assessment and support in particular Chapter 4 The Harm Reduction Contract and Harm Reduction Counselling, Chapter 5 Assessment of the Drug and Alcohol User. London: Jessica Kingsley


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Children, families and young people

ALDGATE, J., JONES, D., ROSE, W. & JEFFERY, C. 2006. The developing world of the child. London. Jessica Kingsley (available online)

BEE, H. and D. BOYD. 2007. The Developing Child. London. Pearson/ Allyn & Bacon

CAIRNS, K. 2002. Attachment, trauma and resilience : therapeutic caring for children. London. British Association for Adoption and Fostering

Currer, C. 2007. Loss and Social Work. Exeter, Learning Matters (available online)

DANIEL, B. & WASSELL, S. 2002. Assessing and promoting resilience in vulnerable children. London. Jessica Kingsley

FAHLBERG, V.I. 1994. A child's journey through placement. London. British Association for Adoption and Fostering (available online)

Harms, L. 2015. Understanding Trauma and Resilience. London. Palgrave

Horwath, J. 2010. The Child’s World (2nd ed). London, Jessica Kingsley (available online)

Joslyn, E. 2016. Resilience in Childhood. London. Palgrave

Lefevre, M. 2018. Communicating and engaging with children and young people (2nd ed). London. Jessica Kingsley (available online)

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FERNANDO, S. and F. KEATING. 2009. Mental Health in a multi-ethnic society; a multi-disciplinary handbook. London. Routledge

GRANT, G., P. GOWARD, M. RICHARDSON and P.RAMCHARAN. eds. 2005 Learning disability : a life cycle approach to valuing people Berkshire. Open University Press

GLASBY, J. & LITTLECHILD, R. 2004. The health and social care divide : the experiences of older people. Bristol. Policy Press

TANNER, D. & J. HARRIS. 2008. Working with older people. Abingdon. Routledge

VICTOR, C. 2005. The social context of ageing. London. Routledge


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British Journal of Social Work

Child abuse review

Child abuse and neglect

Child and adolescent social work journal

Child & family social work

Children & society

Clinical social work journal

Critical social work

European journal of social work

International social work

Journal of Social Work

Journal of social work values and ethics

Journal of Social Work Practice

Social work & social sciences review : an international journal of applied research

Social Work and Society

Social work education

An interesting article you could look at to get you started is:

TAYLOR, C. 2004. Underpinning knowledge for child care practice: reconsidering child development theory. Child & family social work, 9 (3), 225-235

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Web pages  

A vast government website with links to many areas of interest. 19

An invaluable resource full of high quality research in many areas relevant to social work

The website of Research in Practice has some excellent research you can access

The website of the Social Care Institute of Excellence has many downloadable resources to access the National Service Frameworks for older people, children, people with mental health issues, learning difficulties – and all other related policy guidance   

This list was last updated on 16/11/2020