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Module Reading List

Research for Social Work Practice, 2021/22, Semester 2
Sue Taplin
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Note that unless indicated otherwise ALL texts are available online. This list has been compiled and annotated by David Saltiel, the current module leader.

Aveyard, H & Sharp P. 2017. A beginner’s guide to Evidence Based Practice in health and social care. London: OU Press

Becker, S. Bryman, A and Ferguson, H (eds). 2012. Understanding Research for Social Policy and Social Work: Themes, Methods and Approaches Bristol: The Policy Press. Very accessible with short, readable chapters

Bryman, A. 2016. Social Research MethodsOxford: Oxford University Press. A classic text on social research that has been through many editions. 

Carey, M. 2009. The Social Work Dissertation: using small-scale qualitative methodology. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Written as a guide to doing research with clear sections on different methods

Carey, M. 2012. Qualitative Research Skills for social workFarnham: Ashgate

Denscombe, M. 2010. The Good Research GuideMaidenhead: Open University Press. A text I've often recommended to students for its clear chapters on different methods 

Mason, J. 2018. Qualitative ResearchingLondon: Sage. Another classic text on social research that I've often found useful in my own research

Mathews, I & Crawford, K. 2011. Evidence Based Practice in Social WorkExeter: Learning Matters. Print only but worth looking at for its discussions on EBP 

McLaughlin, H & Teater, B. 2017. Evidence-Informed Practice for Social Workers. London: Open University Press. Good discussions on what's meant by evidence-based and evidence-informed approaches 

Orme, J & Shemmimgs, D. 2010. Developing Research Based social work practiceBasingstoke: Palgrave. Print only.

Teater, B et al. 2017. Quantitative Research Methods for Social Work: Making Social Work Count London: Palgrave. Some chapters available in pdf on Minerva in folder on previous module resources

Webber, M. 2008. Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Mental Health Social Work. London: Sage. Available online: more recent editions available print only. The focus is on metal health but the methods discussed apply to all social research

Webber, M. ed. 2015. Applying Research Evidence in Social Work Practice London: Palgrave. Good discussions about research in different social work settings and on how useful research is for practice 

Whittaker, A. 2011. Research Skills for Social Work. London: Sage

This list was last updated on 10/03/2022