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Module Reading List

Decision Making in Social Work, 2021/22, Semester 2
Iain Moody
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

HECS2217 Decision Making in Practice Module Reading List

Essential Core reading

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Of the essential books Dalzell & Sawyer, Munro, O'Sullivan andThompson/Dowding are available online via the library. The 2010 edition of Taylor is also online but the other editions of this book are not currently.

Dalzell, R. & Sawyer, E. 2011. Putting analysis into assessment: undertaking assessments of need - a toolkit for practitioners. London; National Children's Bureau

Munro, E. 2008. Effective Child Protection (2nd ed). London; Sage

O'Sullivan, T. 2011. Decision making in social work (2nd ed). Basingstoke; Palgrave Macmillan

Reder, P., Duncan, S. & Gray, M. 1993. Beyond Blame: Child Abuse tragedies revisited. London; Routledge and Taylor & Francis e-book.

Taylor, B. 2010. Professional Decision Making in Social Work. Exeter; Learning Matters

Taylor, B. 2017. Decision making, assessment and risk in social work. London: Sage  

Thompson, C. & Dowding, D. (eds). 2009. Essential decision making and clinical judgement for nurses. Edinburgh; Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

(yes it says "nurses" in the title but just as relevant to social work)

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Benner, P. 1984. From Novice to Expert: Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice. Menlo Park, CA; Addison Wesley

(another book about nursing but a famous study of how practitioners learn to become experts)

Gambrill, E. 2012. Critical thinking in clinical practice : improving the quality of judgements and decisions (3rd ed). Hoboken, NJ; John Wiley

Gambrill, E. & Gibbs, L. 2009. Critical thinking for helping professionals : a skills-based workbook New York; Oxford University Press

Gambrill, E. 2012. Social work practice : a critical thinker's guide New York; Oxford University Press

Hood, R. 2018 Complexity in social work London: Sage

Howe, D. 2008. An introduction to social work theory : making sense in practice. Aldershot; Ashgate

Kahneman, D. 2011. Thinking, Fast and Slow. London; Penguin Books

(read the whole book by all means but a good summary of his thinking is found in Appendix A: "Judgement under uncertainty: heuristics and biases" by Tversky & Kahneman)

Klein, G. 2009. Streetlights and shadows : searching for the keys to adaptive decision making Cambridge, MA; Mass. Institute of Technology

Mathews, I. & Crawford, K. 2011. Evidence-based practice in social work. Exeter; Learning Matters

Orme, J. & Shemmings, D. 2010. Developing research based social work practice. Basingstoke; Palgrave Macmillan

Reder, P. & Duncan, S. 1999. Lost innocents : a follow-up study of fatal child abuse. London; Routledge

Rutter, L. & Brown, K. 2012. Critical thinking and professional judgement for social work Exeter; Learning Matters.

Smith, D. (ed). 2004. Social work and evidence-based practice. London; Jessica Kingsley

Taylor, C. & White, S. Practising reflexivity in health and welfare : making knowledge. Buckingham; Open University Press

White, S. & Stancombe, J. 2003. Clinical judgement in the health and welfare professions : extending the evidence base Maidenhead; Open University Press

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On the internet

You will find quite a lot of material on decision making on the internet. The usual rules about good academic sources apply! If you see something interesting ask the module leader about it or check if it is from an academic source. DON'T just use Google!

Two very valuable resources are Eileen Munro's report on the UK child protection system and Kirkman & Melrose's report for the Behavioural Insight Team. To help you I have placed both on the VLE. You may treat them as academic sources.


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Journal articles and papers

You will be reading and appraising a paper on decision making for your first assignment. We will be providing you with a number of academic papers researching decision making during the course of the module. Links to these will be on Minerva. 

There is a separate list of articles available online on Minerva


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