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Module Reading List

Research Project: Masters Students, 2021/22, Semester B12
Dr Joanne Brown
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Aspden, W. et al. 2011. Practical skills in food science, nutrition and dietetics. Harlow: Pearson / Benjamin Cummings. (E-book available)

Aveyard, H. 2010. Doing a literature review in health and social care: a practical guide. 2nd ed. Maidenhead: Open University Press. (E-book available)

Divan, A. 2009. Communication skills for the biosciences: a graduate guide. Oxford: Oxford University Press.    

Fisher, J. and Arnold, J.R.P. 2013. Chemistry for biologists. 3rd ed. Abingdon: BIOS Scientific Publishers.  

Jones, A. et al. 2012. Practical skills in biology. 5th ed. Harlow: Pearson / Benjamin Cummings. 

Valiela, I. 2009. Doing Science: design, analysis and communication of scientific research. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.    

This list was last updated on 20/09/2021