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Module Reading List

Atmosphere, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Juliane Schwendike
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Below you will find books and resources to help familiarize yourself with much of the essential background reading for SOEE1281. As well as these resources, every lecturer will provide additional reading lists specific to their seminar.

You should also be aware of recent events and topical issues and below there is a list of web resources to help you with this.


Background reading


WALLACE, J. M., & HOBBS, P. V. 2006. Atmospheric science: an introductory survey. Amsterdam, Elsevier Academic Press.

BARRY, R. G. & CHORLEY, R. J. 2010. Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate, Routledge.

HOBBS, P. V. 2000. Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry, Cambridge University Press.  

Available online

STOCKER, T., QIN, D., PLATTNER, G.-K., TIGNOR, M., ALLEN, S. K., BOSCHUNG, J., NAUELS, A., XIA, Y., BEX, V. & MIDGLEY, P. M. 2014. Climate change 2013: The physical science basis, Cambridge University Press Cambridge, UK, and New York. Available for download at:

JACOB, D. J. 1999. Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry, Princeton University Press. Available online and for download at:


Online Resources and topical issues

UK Met Office

Learn about weather forecasting + a lot of excellent resources.


Royal Meteorological Society

The ‘Weather and Climate’ section provides some excellent resources.


BBC Science and Environment News

The latest environmental science news topics.

This list was last updated on 15/01/2021