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Module Reading List

Groundwater, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Jared West
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Robins, Nicholas. (2020). Introducing hydrogeology. Dunedin.  Core  Available online via the library website.

Schwartz, W, And Zhang, H. 2003. Fundamentals of Ground Water. Wiley (New York) The older core textbook, not available online 

Domenico and Schwartz - Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology New York ; Chichester : Wiley (older version of the above, still suitable)

Aral, & Taylor, S. W. (2011). Groundwater quantity and quality management. American Society of Civil Engineers.  This is very good on contamiant hydrogeology, the 2nd part of the module.  It is available online.

Hölting B. and Coldewey W.G. 2019. Hydrogeology. Springer. Springer Textbooks in Earth Sciences, Geography and Environment. ISBN : 9783662563755 (presents the subject from a rigourous perspective. It is available online. The level is rather advanced but it does cover the basic material as well) 

Brassington, R. 1998. Field hydrogeology. Wiley. (Availbale online via University Library). Aimed at  hydrogeological practitioners, this text covers the practical aspects of groundwater and is very easy to read.

Freeze and Cherry - Groundwater : Prentice-Hall - is a similar but older textbook, good for the groundwater chemistry element

Hiscock, K. 2005.  Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice. Blackwell.  (UK perspective - the above are more US focussed)

Hudak, Paul F. 2000. Principles of hydrogeology. Boca Raton : Lewis Publishers.

Todd, D.K. 2005. Groundwater Hydrology. 3rd Ed. Wiley. - good for the quantitative elements of physical hydrogeology, but no longer available online 

For those who don't have a geology background, I would recommend:

Grotzinger, & Jordan, T. H. (2020). Understanding Earth (Eighth edition.). Macmillan International Higher Education. Chapter 17 covers hydrogeology but the earlier chapters are good on key concepts in geology, and it is available online.

This list was last updated on 03/02/2022