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Module Reading List

Transport Resilience, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr David Dawson
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Dawlish and Rail Sector:

  • D.A. Dawson; Shaw J; Gehrels W.R (2016) Sea-level rise impacts on transport infrastructure: The notorious case of the coastal railway line at Dawlish, England. Journ. Trans. Geog, 51, pp. 97-109.
  • D.A. Dawson, A, Hunt, J. Shaw, W.R. Gehrels (2018) The Economic Value of Climate Information in Adaptation Decisions: Learning in the Sea-level Rise and Coastal Infrastructure Context. Ecological Economics, 150, 1-10.
  • Armstrong, J., Preston, J. Hood,. I. (2016) Adapting Railways to Provide Resilience and Sustainability. Engineering Sustainability, 170, ES4
  • Department for Transport (2014) Transport Resilience Review. HMG London Available online.
  • Network Rail (2014): West of Exeter Route Utilisation Study. Network Rail, London. Available online.

Standards & Practice:

  • British Standards Institute (2019) BS EN ISO 14090:2019: Adaptation to climate change – Principles, requirements, and guidelines. (Available through the online library).
  • HM Treasury (2015) Valuing Infrastructure Spend: Supplementary Guidance to the Green Book. Available online.
  • UKCIP (2003); Climate Adaptation: risk, uncertainty and decision-making. UKCIP Technical Report Part 2. Available online.
  • European Commission (2013) Non-Paper Guidelines for Project Managers: Making vulnerable investments climate resilient, Directorate-General Climate Action. Available online.

Resilience perspectives:

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