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Module Reading List

Introduction to the History of Science, 2021/22, Semester 1
Prof. Graeme Gooday
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

HPSC 1046  Introduction to the History of Science (2021-22) 

This reading list is general background reading for the module. 

You should not try to read all of this!  The module leader will advise in lectures what to read in relation to each of the five module units.

IMPORTANT : Primary source reading materials for each tutorial will be made available in Minerva in the learning resources space, not here.


Two core textbooks for reference

William Bynum, A Little History of Science (2012)  Available in the library online here

Sean Johnston, History of Science: a beginner's guide  (2009) Available online in library here


Other useful books:

Peter Bowler and Iwan Morus, Making Modern Science: A Historical Survey (2020) Available in the library here 

Jennifer Coopersmith Energy, the subtle concept : the discovery of Feynman's blocks from Leibniz to Einstein  (2010) available in the library here

Alfred W. Crosby,  Children of the Sun: A History of Humanity's Unappeasable Appetite for Energy  (2006) 978-0-393-93153-2   - TO BE PURCHASED BY LIBRARY   

Patricia Fara, Science: a Four Thousand Year History (Oxford University Press: 2009) Available in the library here

Sandra Harding (editor) The Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies Reader (Duke University Press, 2011)  Available in library here

Astrid Kander, Paolo Malanima, Paul Warde,  Power to the people: energy in Europe over the last five centuries  (2013) Available in the library here

Benjamin Lieberman & Elizabeth Gordon, Climate Change in History: from Prehistory to the Present, (2018) Available in the library here

Patrick Manning and Abigail Owen Knowledge in Translation: Global Patterns of Scientific Exchange, 1000-1800 CE  (University of Pittsburgh Press 2018) Available online in library here

James E McClellan & Harold Dorn, Science and technology in world history : an introduction (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006)                              Available in the library here

Iwan Morus, Shocking Bodies : Life, Death and Electricity in Victorian England  (2011),  Available online in the library here

Arnold Pacey,  Technology in world civilization : a thousand-year history (1990) Available in the library here

Vaclav Smil, Energy transitions: global and national perspectives  (2017)  Available online in the library here




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