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Methods of Enquiry Module Reading List

Methods of Enquiry, 2021/22, Semester G04
Bill Gerrard
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Unit one

Camm, J. D. et al. 2017. Essentials of Business Analytics. 2nd ed. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning, pp.1-16.    Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Collis, J. and Hussey, R. 2014. Business research : a practical guide for undergraduate & postgraduate students (4th ed.). Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.43-49.    Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Passell, P. 1990. Wine equation puts some noses out of joint: Wine equation has noses out of joint. New York Times4 March.  

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 Unit three

Silver, N. 2012. The signal and the noise: The art and science of prediction. London: Allen Lane, pp.19-47.    Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Lindstädt, H. and Müller, J. 2009. Making game theory work for managers. McKinsey & Company Available Online Here

M, Singh. 2017. Theresa May’s lead has dipped but is stronger than the polls suggest. Financial Times. 7 June.  

M, Singh. 2017. Why almost all the UK election predictions were wrong. Financial Times. 14 June.  

A. Saini. 2011. A formula for justice. The Guardian. 2 October  

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Unit four

Lazer, D., Kennedy, R., King, G. and Vespignani, A. 2014. The parable of Google flu: Traps in big data analysis. Science. 343(6176), pp.1203–1205.  

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 Unit five

Cunningham, L., Young, C., and Lee, M. 2000. Methodological triangulation in measuring public transportation service quality. Transportation Journal. 40(1), pp.35-47.   

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 Unit six

Chambers, J.C., Mullick, S.K. and Smith, D.D 1971. How to choose the right forecasting techniques. Harvard Business Review. July.  

 Saffo, P. 2007. Six Rules for Effective Forecasting. Harvard Business Review. 85(7/8), pp.122-131.  

 Mason, R. 2015. US tipster Nate Silver: Tories will win most seats – but outcome will be messy. The Guardian. 27 April.  

Wood, G. 2018. Football fans great expectations: why they should lower them by 10%. The Guardian. 20 October.  

Few, S. Data visualisation for human perception in The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction 2nd edn, ch. 35  

Mauboussin, M.J. 2012. The big idea: Most companies use the wrong performance metrics. Don’t be one of them. Harvard Business Review. October, pp.46-56  

Abdullah, R., Mohamad, E. and Muhamad, M. R., Managing key performance indicators (KPIs): a case study at an aerospace manufacturing facility, pp. 221-226. Conference: Knowledge Management International Conference 2008, 10-12 June 2008, Langkawi, Malaysia.  Available Online Here




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