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SOEE1680 3D Earth Reading List

3D Earth, 2021/22, Semester 2
Sandra Piazolo
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Marshak, S. 2018. Earth: Portrait of a Planet. W. W. Norton and Company. Good book for 1st year student – general introduction:

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Structural Geology (Sandra Piazolo)

Essential Reading

Fossen, H. 2010.  Structural Geology . Cambridge University Press. This is the main recommended text for structural geology. It is avialable online both on and off campus as an e-textbook. Accessible and detailed, will be of use in 2nd and 3rd years.  

Lisle, R. and Leyshorn, P. 2004. Stereographic projection techniques for geologists and civil engineers . Cambridge University Press. Useful book for stereonets, goes into more detail than the course. Sufficiently specialist that it’s not worth buying, but worth a trip to the library.

Recommended Further Reading

Check the contents of a book if you intend to buy as some are highly mathematical and not suitable for first year. Below is a selection:

Park, R. and Park, R. 1997.  Foundations of Structural Geology . Routledge. Good first/second year level book.

Rowland, S., Duebendorfer, E. And Schiefelbein, I. 2007.  Structural Analysis and Synthesis: A laboratory course in structural geology . Wiley-Blackwell. A user friendly (if you can ignore the Lord of the Rings references) introduction to structure and geological maps includes some stereonet information.

Price, N., and Cosgrove, J. 1990. Analysis of geological structures . Cambridge University Press. More advanced than some of the other books, but very useful for some aspects.

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Sedimentology  (Nigel Mountney)

Essential Reading

Allaby, M., 2008. A Dictionary of Earth Sciences . Oxford Paperback Reference, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 672 pages. This book (or one of several other similar variants) is essential as a reference guide. It provides definitions of most of the common terms used in the geological sciences.

Collinson, J.C., Mountney, N.P. and Thompson, D.B., 2006. Sedimentary Structures (3rd edition). Terra Publications, 292 pages (£25). This is the recommended text for the Sedimentology part of the module and many of the images used in the lectures and practical class exercises are taken from this book. It is also useful for Year 2 and 3 modules.  

MacKenzie, W.S. and Adams, A.E., 1994. A colour atlas of rocks and minerals in thin section . Manson Publishing, 192 pages. This book provides a graphical depiction of a range of common rocks and minerals seen in thin section. It is essential for the Geological Materials part of the module.

Tucker, M.E., 2001. Sedimentary Petrology (3rd edition), Blackwell Science, Oxford, 272 pages (£32). This is useful book for the Sedimentology part of the module and provides explanation of the various sedimentary rock types in considerable detail. It is also useful for Year 2 and 3 modules.

Recommended Further Reading

Adams, A.E., MacKenzie, W.S. and Guilford, C., 1984. Atlas of sedimentary rocks under the microscope , Longman.

Lindholm, R., 1987. A practical approach to sedimentology , Kluwer Academic. Provides a clear explanation of commonly used techniques in sedimentology.

Nichols, G., 2009. Sedimentology and Stratigraphy . Wiley-Blackwell. A basic overview of all the common aspects of sedimentology.

Stow, D.A.V., 2005. Sedimentary rocks in the field : a colour guide . Manson Publishing. An illustrated guide depicting many types of sedimentary rocks.

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Geological Maps (Graham McLeod)

Essential Reading

Bennison, G.M. and Moseley, K.A., 2011. An introduction to geological structures and maps . eighth edition, Hodder education. Older editions are available and generally just as useful.    It is avialable online both on and off campus as an e-textbook


Recommended Reading for Fieldwork

Coe, A. 2010. Geological field techniques . Wiley-Blackwell. 

McClay, K. 1991. The mapping of geological structures (Geological Society of London Handbook Series). Wiley-Blackwell. Compact, user’s guide. Very good for fieldwork, will come in handy throughout your studies.

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