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Shaping the Earth

Shaping the Earth, 2021/22, Semester 2
Jacqueline Houghton
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

We would not recommend buying any of these books yourselves (unless you really want to!) as they are quite specific to this course. The majority of those that are core reading are available online via the library.

Dynamic Stratigraphy and Plate Tectonics:

Core reading

Geological History of Britain and Ireland  Woodcock, N.H. and Strachan, R.A.; Wiley-Blackwell, 2nd edition, 2012.  Available online. 
Main textbook for this part of the module and a good overview of the subject.

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy  Nichols, G.; Wiley, 2nd edition, 2009. Available online.
Good introduction to sedimentary environments and stratigraphy

Looking into the Earth: an introduction to geological geophysics   Mussett, A. E. and Khan, M. Cambridge University Press, 2000.
Useful introduction to the geophysical aspects of the module, covering material at a higher level than more general geology books.

Further reading

Global Tectonics  Kearey, P., Klepeis, K.A. and Vine, F.J.; Blackwell 3rd edition, 2009. Available online.
This focuses on the geological and geophysical aspects of plate margins. Useful, but it is an advanced text, with a lot of material beyond the scope of this course. 

Fundamentals of Geophysics, Lowrie, W.Cambridge University Press, 2007. Available online.
As its name suggests covers the fundamentals of geophysics, but with a strong mathmatical focus.

The Geology of Scotland Trewin, N. H.; Geological Society of London, 2002. 
The Geology of England and Wales Brenchley, P. J.; Rawson, Peter Franklin.; Geological Society of London. 2006. 
The Geology of Ireland Holland, C. H., and Sanders, I.; Dunedin Academic, 2nd edition, 2009.
These three books cover the rock sequences and geological history of their respective regions in a lot of detail. Useful if you want more information on a specific area.

Earth System History Stanley, Steven M. W. H. Freeman 4th edition, 2015.  
Introductory level textbook looking at how the Earth and life have evolved over time, includes a history of the Earth, but with a focus on North America.  

British Regional Geology Guides, British Geological Survey
Twenty guides covering Britain and Northern Ireland. Most have several editions so look for the latest version. 

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Quaternary Geology

Core reading

Encyclopaedia of Quaternary Science  Elias, S.A. and Mock, C.J.; Elsevier, 2nd edition, 2013.  
Provides short introductions of many of the main aspects of palaeo environments and their reconstruction during the Quaternary.

Glaciers and Glaciation  Benn, D.I. and Evans, D.J.; Hodder Education, 2010. Available online.
The classic textbook on glaciers, glaciation and the associated imprint they leave on the landscape. 

Reconstructing Quaternary Environments  Lowe, J.J. and Walker, M.; Routledge, 2015. Available online.
Quaternary science and environmental change is all covered in this seminal textbook! A must for anyone interested in reading more about UK and global Quaternary environments, and reconstruction techniques.

Further reading

Handbook of Sea Level Research Shennan, I., Long, A.J. and Horton, B.P. American Geophysical Union, 2015. Available online
The definitive guide to reconstructing past sea level.

The Ice Age: a very short introduction Woodward, J.C. Oxford University Press, 2014
A great short summary of the history of Quaternary ice age science.

The Ice Age Ehlers, J., Hughes, P. and Gibbard P.L. Wiley-Blackwell, 2015.

Glaciation: a very short introduction Evans, D.J.A. Oxford University Press, 2018.


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