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Module Reading List

Editing and Source Studies, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Bryan White
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core Texts

J. Grier, The Critical Editing of Music: Theory, Method and Practice (Cambridge, 1996)   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 13/10/2020) Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

R. Herissone, '"Fowle Originalls" and "Fayre Writeing": Reconsidering Purcell's Compositional Process, The Journal of Musicology, 23 (2006), 569-691  


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Readings on Editing and Editions

M. Bent, ‘Editing Music: the Dilemma of Translation’, Early Music, 22 (1994), 373–92

J. Caldwell, Editing Early Music (Oxford, 2/1995) 

M. Clague, ‘Portraits in Beams and Barlines: Critical Music Editing and the Art of Notation', American Music, 23 (2005), 39–68 

N. Cook, ‘Editing in Music’, Contemporary Theatre Review, 25 (2015), 119-123


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Readings on Sources 

A. H. Hyatt King, Four Hundred Years of Music Printing (London, 1964)

C. Price, 'Newly Discovered Autograph keyboard Music of Purcell and Draghi', Journal of the Royal Musical Association, 120 (1995), 77-111 

R. Thompson, 'Purcell's Great Autographs', Purcell Studies, ed. C. Price (Cambridge, 1995), pp. 6-34 OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 13/10/2020) 

R. Thompson & R. Shay, Purcell Manuscripts: the principal musical sources (Cambridge, 2000) OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 13/10/2020) 


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Other Contextual Readings

R. Herissone, 'The Revision Process in William Turner's Anthem O Praise the Lord ', Journal of the Royal Musical Association, 123 (1998), 1-38

R. Herissone, ‘Robert Pindar, Thomas Busby, and the Mysterious Scoring of Henry Purcell’s “Come ye Sons of Art”’, Music and Letters , 88 (2006), 1-48 

R. Herissone, To fill, forebear, or adorne: the organ accompaniment of Restoration sacred music, RMA Monographs, 14 (Aldershot, 2006) 

C. Hogwood, 'Creating the Corpus: The "Complete Keyboard Music" of Henry Purcell, The Keyboard in Baroque Europe, ed. C. Hogwood (Cambridge, 2003), 67-89 OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 13/10/2020) 

P. Holman, Henry Purcell (Oxford, 1995) 

A. Howard, 'Understanding Creativity', in The Ashgate research companion to Henry Purcell (Farnham, 2012), 65-113 

H. Diack Johnstone, 'Ornamentation in the Keyboard Music of Purcell and his Contemporaries', Performing the music of Henry Purcell , ed. Michael Burden (Oxford, 1996), 82-104    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 13/10/2020) 

D. Melamed, Hearing Bach's Passions (Oxford, 2005)  


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Online Sources

Early English Books Online

Digitized copy of British Library Manuscript MS Mus. 1 (Henry Purcell Autograph)

Digitized copy of British Library Manuscript RM 20.h.8 (Henry Purcell Autograph) 


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J. Blow, Jesus Seeing the Multitudes, ed. A. Howard, Web Library of Seventeenth-Century Music, 16, no. 16 

G.B. Draghi, From harmony, from heav'nly harmony: a song for st Cecilia's day, 1687, ed. B. White, Purcell Companion Series, vol 3 (London, 2010) 

The Music and Scripts of In Dahomey, ed. T. L. Riis, Music of the United States vol. 5 (A-R editions: Madison, 1996)    

Fats Waller, Performances in Transcription, 1927-1943, ed. P. S. Machlin, Music of the United States vol. 10 (A-R editions: Madison, 2001)    


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Biographical Resources

A Biographical Dictionary of English Court Musicians, 1485-1714 , compiled by Andrew Ashbee and David Lasocki assisted by Peter Holman and Fiona Kisby, 2 vols (Aldershot, 1998)

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online


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