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Module Reading List

Popular Performance: from music hall to variety television, 2021/22
Dr Philip Kiszely
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

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Reading List

Historiography, Methods, Theories

Bennett, Judith (2006) History Matters: patriarchy and the challenge of feminism

Bentley, Michael (2002) Companion to Historiography

Car, E.H. (1961) What is History?

Derrida, J. (1967) Speech and Phenomena

Foucault, M. (1969) The Archaeology of Knowledge

Iggers, George (2012) Historiography in the Twentieth Century: From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge

Karenga, Maulana (2002) Introduction to Black Studies

Mahmood, Saba (2004) Women’s Agency within Feminist Historiography, The Journal of Religion, Vol.84 (4), p.573-579

Oakeshott, Michael (1983) On history and Other Essays

Oakeshott, Michael (2004) What is history? and Other Essays

Peniston-Bird, Corinna & Barber, Sarah (eds) (2020) Approaching Historical Sources: Space, Time and Performance  

Said, Edward (1978) Orientalism

Spalding, Roger & Parker, Christopher (2007) Historiography: an introduction

Spongberg, Mary (2002) Writing Women's History since the Renaissance

Stunkel, Kenneth R (2011) Fifty key works of History and Historiography

Tamm, Marek & Burke, Peter (2019) Debating New Approaches to History

Winks, Robin (1999) Historiography


Cultural History

Cannadine, David (2018) Victorious century: the United Kingdom 1800-1906

Dentith, Simon (1998) Society and Cultural Forms in Nineteenth Century England

Hall, Lesley (2013) Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain Since 1880

Hands, Thora (2018) Drinking in Victorian and Edwardian Britain: Beyond the Spectre of the Drunkard

Milne-Smith, Amy (2011) London Clubland: A Cultural History of Gender and Class in late-Victorian Britain

Morris, Jan (1978) Farewell the Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat

Newsome, David (1997) The Victorian world Picture: perceptions and introspections in an age of change

Olusoga, David (2017) Black and British: a forgotten history

Panayi, Panikos (2016) An immigration history of Britain: multicultural racism since 1800

Porter, Bernard (2004) The Absent-minded Imperialists: empire, society, and culture in Britain

Qureshi, Sadiah (2011) Peoples on Parade: exhibitions, empire, and anthropology in nineteenth-century Britain

Robbins, Keith (1988) Nineteenth-century Britain: integration and diversity

Storey, John (2016) The Making of English Popular Culture

Teukolsky, Rachel (2020) Picture World: Image, Aesthetics, and Victorian New Media

Viktorin, Carolin (et al) eds (2018) Nation branding in Modern History

Yallop, Jacqueline (2012) Magpies, squirrels & Thieves: how the Victorians collected the world


Music Hall

Agate, James (1945) Immoment Toys: a survey of light entertainment on the London stage, 1920-1943

Bailey, Peter (1986) Music Hall: The Business of Pleasure

Bailey, Peter (1994) Conspiracies of Meaning: Music-Hall and the Knowingness of Popular Culture, Past & Present, (144), p.138-170

Banks, Morwenna & Swift, Amanda (1987) The joke's on us: women in comedy from music hall to the present day

Barker, Kathleen (1979) Early Music Hall in Bristol

Bratton, J. S. (1986) Music Hall: Performance and Style

Busby, Roy (1976) British Music Hall: an illustrated who's who from 1850 to the present day

Cheshire, David (1974) Music Hall in Britain

Davison, Peter Hobley. (1971) Songs of the British Music Hall

Gammond, Peter (1972) Best Music Hall and Variety Songs

Garrett, John M. (1976) Sixty Years of British Music Hall

Gerrard, Steven (2013) The Great British Music Hall: Its Importance to British Culture and ‘The Trivial’, Culture Unbound, Vol.5, p.487-514

Gray, Margaret E (2012) Cross-undressing in Colette: Performance, gender and music-hall labour practice, French Cultural Studies, Vol.23 (3), p.202-214

Green, Benny (1986) The Last Empires: a music hall companion

Farson, Daniel (1972) Marie Lloyd & Music Hall

Faulk, Barry (2004) Music Hall and Modernity: the late Victorian discovery of popular culture

Faulk, Barry (2013) The Bedford Music Hall, Victorian Review, Vol.39 (1), p.44-50

Francis, Barrie (2016) The Licensing of the Birmingham Music Halls, Theatre Notebook, Vol.70 (3), p.170-183

Harding, James (1990) George Robey & the Music Hall

Holloway, Myles (1997) Music Hall in Johannesburg: 1886-1896, South African Theatre Journal, Vol.11 (1), p.13-54

Huxley, David & David, James (2012) No other excuse: Race, class and gender in British Music Hall comedic performance 1914-1949, Comedy Studies, Vol.3 (1), p.17-28

Huxley, David & James, David (2013) Women used to be funny: Music Hall and the threat of cinema, 1911-49, Early Popular Visual Culture, Vol.11 (3), p.191-20

Jackson, Jeffrey (2000) Music-Halls and the Assimilation of Jazz in 1920s Paris, Journal of Popular Culture, Vol.34 (2), p.69-82

Kift, Dagmar (1996) The Victorian Music Hall: culture, class, and conflict

Loudon, Andrew (no date) The Amazing Story of Leeds City Varieties

MacQueen-Pope, W. (1951) The Melodies Linger On: The Story of Music Hall

Major, John (2012) My Old Man: A Personal History of Music Hall 

Maloney, Paul (2009) ‘Flying down the Saltmarket’: The Irish on the Glasgow Music Hall Stage, Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, Vol.36 (1), p.11-36

Newton, H. Chance (1975) Idols of the "Halls": being my music hall memories

Ó Tuairisc, Eoghan & Murtagh, Matthew (1975) Infinite Variety: Dan Lowrey's music hall, 1879-97

Senelick, Laurence (1981) British Music Hall, 1840-1923: A bibliography and guide to sources, with a supplement on European music hall

Senelick, Laurence (1997) Tavern Singing in Early Victorian London: the diaries of Charles Rice for 1840 & 1850

Scott, Derek (2002) The Music‐Hall Cockney: Flesh and Blood, or Replicant?, Music & Letters, Vol.83 (2), p.237-259

Scott, Harold (1946) The Early Doors: Origins of the Music Hall

Settle Amateur Operatic Society (1988) Settle's Victorian Music Hall

Somerville, Kristine (2018) You Wouldn't Know Her from a Man: Male Impersonators of the Victorian Music Halls, The Missouri Review, Vol.41 (4), p.83-93

Speaight, George (1977) Bawdy Songs of the Early Music Hall

Sutcliffe, Allan (2006) From Devonshire House to the Bull Ring. Birmingham: A Dickensian Contribution to the Music Hall, Dickensian, Vol.102 (468), p.21

Tich, Mary & Findlater, Richard (1979) Little Tich: Giant of the Music Hall

Till, Nicholas (2004) ‘First-Class Evening Entertainments’: Spectacle and Social Control in a Mid-Victorian Music Hall, New Theatre Quarterly, Vol.20 (1), p.3-18



Bailey, Michael 92009) Narrating Media History

Carpenter, Humphrey (2002) A Great Silly Grin: The British Satire Boom of the 1960s

Corner, John (1991) Popular Television in Britain: Studies in Cultural History

Corner, John (1999) Critical Ideas in Television Studies

Corner, John (2003) Finding Data, Reading Patterns, Telling Stories: Issues in the Historiography of Television, Media, Culture & Society, Vol.25 (2), p.273-280

Holmes, Su (2007) The BBC and television fame in the 1950s, European Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol.10 (4), p.427-445

Holmes, Su (2008) Entertaining Television: the BBC and popular television culture in the 1950s

Irwin, Mary (2013) Doreen Stephens: Producing and Managing British Television in the 1950s and 1960s, Journal of British Cinema and Television, Vol.10 (3), p.618-634

Jacobs, Jason (ed) (2013) Television Aesthetics and Style

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Muir, Frank; BBC (1966) Comedy in Television: a lecture by Frank Muir, Assistant Head of Light Entertainment Group (Comedy) Television, at the third of the fifth series of lunch-time lectures in the Concert Hall at Broadcasting House, 14 December 1966.

Mundy, John (2008) Spreading Wisdom: British post-war light entertainment, the BBC and the emergence of television, Media History, Vol.14 (1), p.53-71

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Thumim, Janet (ed) (2001) Small Screens, Big Ideas: Television in the 1950s

Thumim, Janet (2004) Inventing Television Culture: men, women, and the box

White, Rosie (2014) Beryl Reid Says… Good Evening: Performing queer identity on British television, Journal of European Popular Culture, Vol.5 (2), p.165-179

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