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Module Reading List for The Global Marketing and Communications Professional (LUBS5484M)

The Global Marketing and Communications Professional, 2021/22, Semester 1
Lynn Pattison
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading List for LUBS5484M The Global Marketing and Communications Professional 

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The recommended reading for the module is:

Core text:

Pattison, Lynn [2017] Professional skills and Employability., Pearson.   

This customised book is a compilation from different authors specialising in academic and professional skills development.

 Recommended reading:

Week 1 Module Objectives, learning Outcomes and Reflective Writing Skills

Pattison, L (2017) Professional Skills and Employability, Pearson. Personal Development Planning (p.79-83).  

Pattison, L (2017) Professional Skills and Employability, Pearson. Understanding the value of reflection (p. 85-99).   

McMillan, K, Weyers, J How to Improve your Critical Thinking and Reflective Skills (Chapter 18, p.224-234)   

Week 2 Professional Competencies 1 Effective teams- theory and practice

Pattison, L (2017) Professional Skills and Employability , Pearson. Working in a real and diverse team (p.1-27), Participating in a Team (p.28-34), Your Learning Personality (p.57-65)   

Thomas, Neil (2008) The Best of John Adair on Leadership and Management, Thorogood Ltd Chapter 6 Leadership and Teambuilding (p.129-168)   

Levin, Peter (2005) Successful teamwork: for undergraduates and taught postgraduate working on group projects. Part 4 Perspectives on team behviour (p.61-94), Part 5 Teamwork issues and solutions (p.95-112).   

Week 3 Professional Competencies 2: Business Communications - Presenting your work with impact

Pattison, L (2017) Professional Skills and Employability, Pearson. Spoken Presentations (p.109-124), Preparing to Pitch (p.109-124).   

Week 4 Career Planning 1 Industry Insights. 

Week 5 Professional Competencies 3- Developing your Personal Brand, Buiding your Professional Network, Creating a Professional CV / Resume.

Pattison, L (2017) Professional Skills and Employability, Pearson. Your curriculum vitae (p.242-246)   

Week 6 - Meet our Alumni Panel, The Digital Landscape

Week 7 Professional Competencies 4. Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Randall, R et al (2020) Work Psychology - Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace, Pearson (p.42-46)   

Issah, M. (2018). Change Leadership: The Role of Emotional IntelligenceSAGE Open8(3).    

Week 8 Career Planning 2. Recruitment Assessment Tools

Pattison, L (2017) Professional Skills and Employability, Pearson. Psychometric tests (p.285-297)   

Parkinson, Mark, [2010] How to master psychometric tests: expert advice on test preparation with practice questions from leading test providers 4th Edition, Kogan Page, 2010.   

Week 9 Career Planning 3. Interview Skills, formats and practice  

Jay.R. (2011). Brilliant interview: what employers want to hear and how to say it (Third edition.). Prentice Hall.   

Innes, J. (2013). The interview question & answer book: your definitive guide to the best answers to even the toughest interview questions. Pearson Business   

Innes, James, [2012], The interview book : your definitive guide to the perfect interview, 2nd edition, Pearson, 2012   

Week 10 Professional Competencies 5 Fundamentals of Professional Ethics

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Skills @ library 

My Career: vacancies and events.

Psychometric tests :    

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