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Module Reading List

Design History, Design Futures, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Christine Atha
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

DESN1847 Reading List

Adamson, Glenn, (2009) The craft reader, London, Berg

Adamson, Glen and Pavitt, Jane Eds. (2011) Postmodernism : style and subversion, 1970-90, V&A Publishing

Addison, Paul, (1975) The Road to 1945: British Politics and the Second World War, London, Cape

Adorno, T W. (1991), The Culture Industry: Selected Essays on Mass Culture. Edited by J.M.Bernstein. London, Routledge

Ahmed, Sara, (2004) The cultural politics of emotion, Edinburgh University Press

Antonelli, Paola Ed (2008) Design and the elastic mind, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Appardurai, Arjun Ed., (1988) The Social life of things : commodities in cultural perspective, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press

Armstrong, Helen, (2009) Graphic design theory : readings from the field, Princeton Architectural Press

Attfield, J Ed. (1999) Utility reassessed : the role of ethics in the practice of design Manchester University Press Chapter 4 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Attfield, J Ed. (2000) Wild things : the material culture of everyday life, London, Berg

Auge, Marc (2009) Non-places : introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity, London, Verso

Bachelard, Gaston, (1969) The poetics of space / Boston, Beacon Press

Baker, Nicholson, (1998) The Mezzanine, London, Granta Books

Banham, Reyner (1960) Theory and design in the first machine age, London, Architectural Press Chapter 20 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Banham, Reyner. (1974) The Aspen papers : twenty years of design theory from the International Design Conference in Aspen, London, Pall Mall

Barnard, Malcolm (2007) Fashion Theory: A Reader, London, Routledge

Baudrillard, Jean, (1990) Revenge of the crystal: selected writings on the modern object and its destiny. London, Pluto

Benedikt, M. (ed), (1991) Cyberspace : first steps, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press

Bennett, Jane (2010) Vibrant matter : a political ecology of things, Duke University Press

Bennett, Tony, (1994) "The Exhibitionary Complex." in Culture/power/history : a reader in contemporary social theory, Princeton, NJ: Princeton university Press Chapter 3  Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Bloomsbury Design Library:

Bourdieu, Pierre, (1993) The field of cultural production : essays on art and literature, Cambridge, Polity Press,

Bourdieu, Pierre, (1992) Distinction : a social critique of the judgement of taste, London, Routledge

Bourdieu, Pierre, (1999) The weight of the world: social suffering in contemporary society, Cambridge, Polity Press

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Busch, Akiko, (2005) The uncommon life of common objects : essays on design and the everyday, Metropolis Books,

Calvino, Italo, (1996) Six Memos for the Next Millennium, London, Vintage

Campbell, Colin, (1987) The romantic ethic and the spirit of modern consumerism, Oxford, Blackwell

Candlin, Fiona and Guins, Raiford, (2008) The object reader, London, Routledge

Chapman, Jonathan (2005) Emotionally durable design : objects, experiences and empathy, London, Sterling, VA , Earthscan

Chapman, Jonathan (2007) Designers, visionaries and other stories : a collection of essays on sustainable design, London, Earthscan

Clark, Hazel (2009) Design studies : a reader, London, Berg

Classen, Constance, (2013) Ways of sensing : understanding the senses in society, London, Routledge

Cogdell, Christina (2004) Eugenic Design: Streamlining America in the 1930s. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, Chapter 3 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva   

Cohen, Deborah, (2006) Household gods : the British and their possessions, New Haven; London, Yale University Press

Collings, Matthew, (2001) Art crazy nation : the post blimey art world, London, 21 Publishing

Connor, Steven, (2011) Paraphernalia : the curious lives of magical things, London, Profile Books

Crowley, David and Pavitt, Jane (2008) Cold War modern : design 1945-1970, V&A Publishing

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly (1981) The meaning of things : domestic symbols and the self, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press Chapter 3 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Darling, Elizabeth, (2007) Re-forming Britain : narratives of modernity before reconstruction, London, Routledge

De Certeau, Michel (1984) The Practice of Everyday Life, Berkeley, University of California Press

DeLillo, Don, (1985) White Noise, New York, Viking Press

De Vries, Jan, (2008) The industrious revolution : consumer behavior and the household economy, 1650 to the present, New York, Cambridge University Press

Dichter, Ernest, (1960) The Strategy of Desire, London: Boardman. Introduction Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Douglas, Mary (1996) The world of goods : towards an anthropology of consumption : with a new introduction, Rev. ed, London, Routledge

Droste, Magdalena, (1998) Bauhaus/Bauhaus Archiv, London, Taschen

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Dunne, Anthony, (2006) Hertzian tales : electronic products, aesthetic experience, and critical design, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press

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Edwards, Clive, (2005) Turning houses into homes : a history of the retailing and consumption of domestic furnishings, Aldershot, Ashgate

Forty, Adrian (2000) Objects of desire : design and society since 1750, London, Thames & Hudson

Florida, Richard (2008) Who's your city? : how the creative economy is making where to live the most important decision of your life, Basic books

Forlano, Laura, Ito, Joichi (2019) Bauhaus Futures, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, Chapter 6  

Flusser, Vilem, (1999) The shape of things : a philosophy of design, London, Reaktion Books

Frayling, Christopher, (2011) On crafts Manship : towards a new Bauhaus, London, Oberon Books

Fry, Tony (2008), Design futuring : sustainability, ethics and new practice, London Berg Chapter 1 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Fry, Tony (2010), Design as politics , London, Berg

Fry, Tony (2012) Becoming human by design, London, Berg

Geczy, Adam, Karaminas, Vicki (2017) Critical Fashion Practice: From Westwood to Van Beirendonck, London, Bloomsbury

Gibson, William, (2004) Pattern recognition, London, Penguin

Ginsberg, Alexandra Daisy, (2014) Synthetic aesthetics : investigating synthetic biology's designs on nature, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press

Greenberg, Reesa, and Bruce W. Ferguson, eds., (1996) Thinking about exhibitions, London, Routledge

Greenfield, Adam, (2006) Everyware : the dawning age of ubiquitous computing, Berkeley, CA, Peachpit Press

Greenhalgh, Paul ed, (1990) Modernism in design, London, Reaktion Books, Chapter 1

Greenhalgh, Paul, (1990) Ephemeral vistas : the expositions universelles, great exhibitions and world's fairs, 1851-1939: Manchester University Press

Greenhalgh, Paul, (2011) Fair world : a history of World's Fairs and Expositions, from London to Shanghai, 1851-2010: Papadakis  

Gregg, Melissa and Seigworth, Gregory J., Eds, (2010) The affect theory reader, Duke University Press

Harrison, Charles and Wood, Paul (2002) Art in theory, 1900-2000 : an anthology of changing ideas, Oxford, Blackwell

Harvey, David (2011) The enigma of capital : and the crises of capitalism, London, Profile Books

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Highmore, Ben (2014) Cultural Feelings : Mood, Mediation and Cultural Politics, Routledge

Hobsbawm, E.J. Industry and Empire: from 1750 to the present day, Harmondsworth, Penguin

Hornsey, Richard, (2010) The spiv and the architect : unruly life in postwar London, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press

Howard, Vicki (2015) From Main Street to Mall: The Rise and Fall of the American Department Store, Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania Press

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Jardine, Lisa (1996) Worldly goods, London: Macmillan Chapter 1 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Jeremiah, David, (2000) Architecture and design for the family in Britain, 1900-70, Manchester: Manchester University Press

Kuspit, Donald, 1993, Signs of psyche in modern and postmodern art. – Cambridge, Cambridge University Press

Latour, Bruno (2007) Reassembling the social : an introduction to actor-network-theory, OUP Oxford

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Lees-Maffei, Grace and Fallan, Kjetil Eds. (2013) Made in Italy: Rethinking a Century of Italian Design, London, Bloomsbury, Chapter 2. Ettore Sottsass and Critical Design in Italy, 1965-1985, Penny Sparke   

Leinberger, Christopher B. (2008) The option of urbanism : investing in a new American dream, Washington, Island Press

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Margolin, Victor, (2017) World History of Design Volume 1, London, Bloomsbury, Chapter 16 OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (chg 24/07/2020)   

Margolin, Victor, (2017) World History of Design Volume 2, London, Bloomsbury, Chapter 33 OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (chg 24/07/2020)   

Margolin, Victor, (2017) World History of Design Volume 3: Europe and North America 1945–2000, London, Bloomsbury  

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