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Module Reading List

Programming for Digital Media, 2021/22, Semester 1
Chris Birchall
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Academic resources:

Armitage, J. (2018). Spaces to Fail in: Negotiating Gender, Community and Technology in Algorave. Dancecult10(1), 31–45. Available on,line from the library: 

Birchall, C., & Coleman, S. (2015). Creating spaces for online deliberation. In Handbook of Digital Politics (pp. 264–280). Edward Elgar Publishing.   

Cox, G., & McLean, A. (2012). Speaking Code: Coding as Aesthetic and Political Expression. MIT Press. Available online with institutional login:, and:  

Glas, R., Lammes, S., de Lange, M., Raessens, J., & de Vries, I. (2019). The Playful Citizen: Civic Engagement in a Mediatized Culture. In The Playful Citizen. Amsterdam University Press. Available online through the library:

Jordan, T. (2008). Hacking : digital media and technological determinism . Polity Press. 
Available online through the library:

Landers, R., Brusso, R., Cavanaugh, K., & Collmus, A. (2016). A primer on theory-driven web scraping: Automatic extraction of big data from the Internet for use in psychological research. Psychological Methods21(4), 475–492. Available through the library at:

Ratto, M., & Boler, M. (2014). DIY citizenship : critical making and social media . The MIT Press.
Available online through the library:

Sayers, J. (2018). The Routledge companion to media studies and digital humanities . Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. Available online at GitHub:

Schreibman, S., Siemens, R., & Unsworth, J. (2016). A new companion to digital humanities . John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Available online through the library:

Schrock, A. (2016). Civic hacking as data activism and advocacy: A history from publicity to open government data. New Media & Society18(4), 581–599. Available through the library at:

van Dijck, J., Poell, T., and de Waal, M. (2018). The Platform Society as a Contested Concept. In The Platform Society. Oxford University Press. Available online through the library:

Vee, A. (2017). Coding literacy : how computer programming is changing writing. The MIT Press.   

Technical resources: 

Nixon, R. (2019). Learning PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript : with jQuery, CSS & HTML5 (Fifth edition.). O’Reilly Media, Inc. 
Available online through the library:

Purewal, Semmy (2014) Learning web app development, O'Reilly.

Reas, C., Fry, B., & Maeda, J. (2014). Processing : a programming handbook for visual designers and artists (Second edition.). MIT.

Tyler, Jason (2011) App inventor for Android : build your own apps--no experience required!Wiley. 

NB: There are lots of online resources to help you with your programming - these will be highlighted in class

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