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Module Reading List

Fashion Research & Design Portfolio, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Kevin Almond
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue
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DESN2668 Module Reading List

Design Development and Portfolio, 2020/21, Semester 1, 2 Dr Kevin Almond Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

On this page:

Agins T, 2001, The Fashion Book. , Phaidon Press Ltd

Barnard, M, 1996, Fashion as Communication , Routledge

Black, S, 2002, Knitwear in Fashion, Thames and Hudson

Blackman, C 2009, 100 Years of Menswear, Laurence King

Breward, C, 2003, Fashion , OUP

Brown, S 2010, Eco Fashion, Laurence King

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Burke, S, 2003, Fashion Artist : Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation , Burke Publishing

Burke, S, 2006, Fashion Computing : Design Techniques and CAD Burke Publishing

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Davies, H, 2008, 100 New Fashion Designers, Laurence King

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Donofrio-Ferrezza, 2017, Designing a Knitwear Collection : From Inspiration to Finished Garments, Bloomsbury

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Fischer, A, 2017 Basics Fashion Design 03: Construction for Fashion Design AVA

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Hopkins, J, 2011, Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear AVA

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Salazar, L. Fashion v Sport

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Turney, J. 2009, The Culture of Knitting, Berg

Zaman, Z, 2008, The Fashion Designer's Directory of Shape and Form, A and C Black


Textile View Magazine.

Fashion Practice. The Journal of Design, Creative Process & the Fashion Industry (online)

Fashion Theory.

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