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Reading List for Music and Culture in Late Seventeenth-Century London

Music and Culture in Late Seventeenth-Century London, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Bryan White
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Henry Purcell

Adams, Martin, Henry Purcell : the origins and development of his musical style (Cambridge, 1995)

Burden, M. ed., The Purcell companion (London, 1995)

Burden, M., ed., Performing the music of Henry Purcell (Oxford, 1996)

Harris, Ellen, Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, second edition (Oxford, 2018)     

Herissone, Rebecca, ‘Playford, Purcell, and the Functions of Music Publishing in Restoration England’, Journal of the American Musicological Society , 63 (2010), 243-290.

Herrisone, Rebecca, ed., The Ashgate Research Companion to Henry Purcell  (Farnham, 2012)  

Holman, Peter, Henry Purcell (Oxford, 1994)     Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Holman, Peter, ed., Purcell (Ashgate, 2010)

Howard, Alan, Compositional Artifice in the Music of Henry Purcell (Cambridge, 2020)

Howard, Alan, ‘Composition as an Act of Performance: Artifice and Expression in Purcell’s Sacred Song Since God So Tender a Regard’, Journal of the Royal Musical Association. , 132 (2007), 32-59

Howard, Alan, ‘Eroticized Mourning in Henry Purcell’s Elegy for Mary II, O Dive Custos’, in Eroticism in early modern music , ed. Bonnie Blackburn and Laurie Stras (Farnham, 2015)

Price, Curtis, Henry Purcell and the London stage (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1984).

Price, C. ed., Purcell studies , ed. C. Price (Cambridge, 1995)

Shay, Robert and Thompson, Robert, Purcell Manuscripts (Cambridge, 2000)

White, Bryan, ‘Letter from Aleppo: Dating the Chelsea School Performance of Dido and Aeneas ’, Early music. 37 (2009), 417-28

Wood, Bruce, Henry Purcell : an extraordinary life (ABRSM, 2009)

Zimmerman, Franklin, Henry Purcell, 1659-1695: His Life and Times, second edition (Philadelphia, 1984)

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Music in the Restoration Period

Austern, Linda, ‘“Alluring the Auditorie to Effeminancie”: Music and the Idea of the Feminine in Early Modern England’, Music and Letters. 74 (1993), 343-54

Austern, Linda, ‘Music and Manly Wit in Seventeenth-century England: The Case of the Catch’, in Concepts of creativity in seventeenth-century England , ed. R. Herissone and A Howard (Bodydell, 2013), 281-308

Austern, Linda, Candace Bailey and Amanda Eubanks Winkler, Beyond boundaries : rethinking music circulation in early modern England (IUP, 2017)

Burrows, Donald, Handel and the English chapel royal (Oxford, 2005)

Caldwell, John, The Oxford History of English Music, vol. 1: From the Beginnings to c.1715 (Oxford, 1991)

Dennison, Peter, Pelham Humfrey (Oxford, 1986)

Holman, Peter, Four and twenty fiddlers : the violin at the English court, 1540-1690 (Oxford, 1993)

Lowerre, Kathryn, Music and Musicians on the London Stage, 1695–1705 (Farnham, 2009)

Luckett, Richard, ‘Exotic but Rational Entertainments: The English Dramatick Operas’, English drama : forms and developments : essays in honour of Muriel Clara Bradbrook , ed. Marie Axton and Raymond Williams (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 123-141.  

McGuinness, Rosamond, English court odes, 1660-1820. (Oxford, 1971)

Owens, Jessie Ann, ed. ""Noyses, sounds, and sweet aires" : music in early modern England (The Folger Shakespeare Library, 2006)   

Spink, Ian, ed., The Blackwell History of Music in Britain, Vol 3: The seventeenth century  (Oxford, 1992)

Spink, Ian, Restoration cathedral music, 1660-1714 (Oxford, 1995)  

Temperley, Nicholas, 'John Playford and the Metrical Psalms', Journal of the American Musicological Society., 25 (1972), 331-78

Walkling, Andrew, Masque and opera in England 1656-1688 (Abingdon, 2017)

Walkling, Andrew, English Dramatick Opera, 1661–1706 (London, 2019)

White, Bryan, ‘Grabu’s Albion and Albanius and the Operas of Lully: ‘… Acquainted with all the Performances of the French Opera’s’, Early Music. 30 (2002), 410-27

White, Bryan, Music for St Cecilia's Day from Purcell to Handel (Boydell, 2019)

Wilson, J, ed. Roger North on music : being a selection from his essays written during the years c.1695-1728 (London, 1959)

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British History and Culture

Hume, Robert, ‘The Economics of Culture in London, 1660-1740’, Huntington Library quarterly. 69 (2006), 487-533

Keay, Anna, The magnificent monarch : Charles II and the ceremonies of power ISBN: 9781847252258 (hbk.) : £25.00; 1847252257 (hbk.) : £25.00 (London, 2008)

John Morrill, Stuart Britain: a very short introduction (Oxford, 2000)  

The Oxford Companion to British History

Oxford dictionary of national biography : from the earliest times to the year 2000

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Evelyn, John, Diary, edited by E. S. de Beer (London, 1959)

Pepys, Samuel, The diary of Samuel Pepys : a new and complete transcription , edited by Robert Latham and William Matthews, 10 vols (London, 1970-83)

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