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Module Reading List

Business Analytics and Decision Sciences Dissertation, 2021/22, Semester H08
Romain Crastes dit Sourd
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


The main text for this course is:

Saunders, M N K; P Lewis and A Thornhill (2016), Research Methods for Business Students , 7th Edition, Pearson education, ISBN 9781292016627. The 6th and 5th Editions are also useful.

Additional reading on most topics, with more detail in some cases, can be found in:

Easterby-Smith, M; R Thorpe and P Jackson (2015), Management and business research , 5th Edition, Los Angeles; London: SAGE. The 4th and 3rd Editions are also useful.

Robson, C (2016), Real World Research , 4th Edition, Blackwell, ISBN 9781405182416. The earlier editions (dated 1993, 2002, and 2011) are also useful.


The texts below provide further reading in specialist areas:

Literature Review

Wallace, M and Wray, A (2016), Critical reading and writing for postgraduates , 3rd Edition, Sage. The earlier editions (dated 2006 and 2011) are also useful

Qualitative Analysis

Cassell, C and G Symon eds. (2004), Essential guide to qualitative methods in organizational research , Sage Publications.

Miles, M B and A M Huberman (2014), Qualitative Data Analysis, 3rd Edition, Sage Publications

Quantitative Analysis

Hair, J F; W C Black, R E, Babin Barry J, Anderson, R L, (2014). Multivariate Data Analysis , Pearson.

Tabachnick, B and Fidell, L S (2013), Using Multivariate Statistics , 6th Edition, Pearson International. (The earlier editions are also useful).

Using SPSS

Field (2013), Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics : and sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll , 4th Edition, Sage Publications.

This provides background on the statistics as well as SPSS and covers many analysis techniques. The explanations are very good. The earlier versions are also useable.

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