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CARES 2 Module Reading List

Clinical Assessment, Reasoning, Ethics and patient Safety, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Abigail Flinders
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Suggested Reading

Different styles of textbook suit different learning styles so, before spending a lot of money on an expensive book, it is worth having a good look at the ones on offer in the library to find the one that you are most likely to use. We recommend that you should have at least one detailed medical and surgical textbook for regular use. Some students also like the variety of handbooks that are available - these do not contain sufficient detail to be used on their own but can supplement learning in the clinical environment.

Finally, students often ask for advice about pharmacology textbooks. Many of these are bulky and unwieldy, and primarily directed at students of pharmacology or pharmacy. As a guide, try to look for books that have ‘clinical pharmacology’ or ‘therapeutics’ in the title - these are more likely to be relevant. One way to find a book you like is to pick a drug (something that you are familiar with) and look in different books - then pick the one you understand the best!

Below are some suggestions; this list is not exhaustive and new titles become available or out of print very quickly.

Medical textbooks

Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine, Haslett, Chilvers, Boon, Colledge, Hunter (eds), 21st edn, Churchill Livingstone 2010.

Clinical Medicine, Kumar & Clark (eds), 7th edn, WB Saunders 2009.

Medicine, Axford & O’Callaghan (eds), Blackwell 2004.

Textbook of Medicine, Souhami & Moxham (eds), 4th edn, Churchill Livingstone 2002.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, Longmore, Wilkinson, Turmezei, Cheung, 8th edn, Oxford University Press 2010

Essentials of Kumar & Clark's clinical medicine, Ballinger & Patchett, 5th edn, WB Saunders 2011

Clinical medicine., Rubenstein, Wayne, Bradley, 7th edn, Blackwell Science 2008

Surgical textbooks

Clinical Surgery, Henry & Thompson, 3rd edn, Saunders, 2012.

Clinical Surgery, Cuschieri, Grace, Darzi, Borley, Rowley (eds), 2nd edn, Blackwell 2003.

Essential Surgery: problems, diagnosis and management, Burkitt, Quick, Reed, Deakin, 4th edn, Churchill Livingstone 2007.

Principles and Practice of Surgery, Garden, Bradbury, Forsythe, Parks, 5th edn, Churchill Livingstone 2007.

Concise surgery : an illustrated guide, Lafferty & Rennie, Hodder Arnold 1998.

The following text complements some aspects of clinical practice:

Browse's Introduction to the Symptoms & Signs of Surgical Disease, Browse, 4th edn, Hodder Arnold 2005.

Textbooks on communication skills

Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine, Kurtz, Silverman, Draper, Van Dalen, Radcliffe Publishing, 2004.

Textbooks on clinical skills

Clinical Examination, Epstein, Perkin, de Bono, Cookson & Watt (eds), 4th edn, Mosby 2008.

Oxford handbook of clinical examination and practical skills, Thomas & Monaghan, 1st edn, OUP Oxford 2007.

MacLeod's Clinical Examination, Douglas, Nicol, Robertson, 12th edn, Churchill Livingstone 2009.

Hutchison's Clinical Methods, Swash, 22nd edn, WB Saunders 2007.

Examining Patients - An Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Toghill, 2nd edn, Hodder Arnold 1995.

Clinical skills and examination : the core curriculum, Blackwood, Hatton, Turner, 5th edn, Wiley Blackwell 2009.

Bates' Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History-Taking, Bickley, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2009.

Clinical medicine., Rubenstein, Wayne, Bradley, 7th edn, Blackwell Science 2008.

Differential Diagnosis

Symptom Sorter,  Hopcroft, K., & Forte, V. (2004). Symptom sorter (Second edition.). Radcliffe Medical Press.     

Mental Health Textbooks

Psychiatry, Burton, 2nd edn, Wiley 2010.

Textbook of Psychiatry, Puri et al, 2nd edn, Churchill Livingstone 2002.

Psychiatry by ten teachers, Dogra, Lunn & Cooper (eds), Hodder Arnold 2011.

Care of the adult with intellectual disability in primary care : an adaptation of Management guidelines : developmental disability, version 2 (2005) therapeutic guidelines LTD, Lindsay, Radcliffe 2011.

Pharmacology Textbooks

Lecture notes. Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics

Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Waller, Renwick, Hiller

Clinical Pharmacology made incredibly easy

A textbook of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics., Ritter & Lewis

Oxford handbook of practical drug therapy

Ethics Textbooks

Medical Ethics Today: the BMA's Handbook of Ethics and Law, 3rd Edition (2012), Sophie Brannon et al, available as an ebook accessible on and off campus

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