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HECS2234 Module Reading List

Nursing: Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Challenging Situations, 2021/22, Semester I05
Suzanne Monks
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

All Fields 

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Decision making

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Evidence Based Practice

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Adult Nursing

Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2006 Co-production by people outside paid employment  

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Child Nursing

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Journal Articles:  

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Sattoe., J.N.T ., van Staa A., Hilberink ., S.,R Self-Management of Young People with Chronic Conditions. A strength-Based Approach for Empowerment and Support. Springer. London This is a new book that is highly relevant to this module and is available as an e-book. Note it has a chapter co-authored by Linda Milnes. Associate Professor leading this module [03/02/2021] eBook linked [RM Library, 15/02/2021]  

NICE guidelines:  

Disabled children and young people up to 25 with severe complex needs: integrated service delivery and organisation across health, social care and education due for publication March 2022  

Transition from children’s to adults’ services for young people using health or social care services  

Information and support for a child or young person with progressive life-limiting conditions, and their parents and carers file:///C:/Users/cila/Downloads/end-of-life-care-for-people-with-life-limiting-conditions-information-and-support-for-a-child-or-young-person-with-progressive-life-limiting-conditions-and-their-parents-and-carers.pdf    

Planning and managing end of life care for a child or young person with a life-limiting condition  

Research – data-  

‘Make Every Child Count’: Estimating current and future prevalence of children and young people with life-limiting conditions in the United Kingdom. Feb 2020  

Useful websites:  

Together for shorter lives- life limiting conditions  

Together for shorted lives- Transition  

Fact sheet Transition to adult services  

The Queen’s Nursing Institute 


Mental Health Nursing

Callaghan, P. (2011). Communication skills for mental health nurses, Maidenhead: Open University Press.  

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