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Module Reading List

Portfolio: Design & Content, 2021/22, Semester 2
Jeffrey Thorpe
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Atkinson, M. (2012) How to create your final collection : a fashion student's handbook,Laurence King Publishing

Blackman, C. (2007) 100 years of fashion illustration, Laurence King Publishing

Burke, S. (2006) Fashion Artist - Drawing Techniques To Portfolio Presentation, Burke Publishing

Burke, S. (2011) Fashion designer : concept to collection, Burke Publishing

Seivewright, S. (2007) Basics Fashion Design 01:Research and design, AVA Publishing SA

Drudi, E. (2011) Figure drawing for men's fashion, Pepin Press

Drudi, E. and Paci, T. (2010)Figure drawing for fashion design, Pepin Press

Hallett, C. and Johnston, A. (2010) Fabric for fashion : a comprehensive guide to natural fibres, Laurence King Publishing

Hidalgo, M. (2010) The sourcebook of contemporary fashion design, Harper Design International

Hopkins, J. (2010) Basics Fashion Design 05:Fashion drawing, AVA Publishing SA

Hopkins, J. (2011) Basics Fashion Design 07:Menswear, AVA Publishing SA

Jenkyn Jones, S. (2011) Fashion design, Laurence King Publishing

Renfrew, E. and C. (2009) Basics Fashion Design 04:Developing a collection, AVA Publishing SA

Szkutnicka, B. (2010)Technical drawing for fashion, Laurence King Publishing

Wesen Bryant, M. (2011)Fashion drawing : illustration techniques for fashion designers, Laurence King Publishing

Sustainability and Future Directions

Black, S. (2011) Eco-chic : the fashion paradox, Black Dog Publishing

Brown, S. (2010) Eco fashion, Laurence King Publishing

Fletcher, K. (2008) Sustainable fashion and textiles : design journeys,Routledge

Fletcher, K. and Grose, L. (2012) Fashion & sustainability : design for change,Laurence King Publishing

Gwilt, A. and Rissanen, T. (2011)Shaping sustainable fashion : changing the way we make and use clothes, Routledge

Quinn, B. (2012)Fashion futures, Merrell Publishers Ltd

San Martin, M. (2010)Future fashion : innovative materials and technology = El futuro de la moda, tecnologia y nuevos materiales, Promotora de Prensa International S A

Siegle, L. (2011) To die for : is fashion wearing out the world?, Fourth Estate


Blackman, C. (2009)100 years of menswear, Laurence King Publishing

Davies, H. (2009) Modern menswearLaurence King Publishing

Sims, J. (2011)Icons of men's style, Laurence King Publishing

Peer-reviewed journals



You have access to Drapers and WGSN through the library website and LS:N Global - through your URL on the School of Design homepage.

You should also look at Fashion Websites: Business of Fashion – and on a regular basis

You will have Premier Membership of the Association of the Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI)

You should also look at Fashion Websites: the Business of Fashion – and on a regular basis

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