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Module Reading List

Current Practice in Creative Writing, 2021/22, Semester 1
Kimberly Campanello
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Anthologies & Critical Writing:

Balgiu Alex and Mónica de la Torre, eds., Women in Concrete Poetry: 1959-1979 (Brooklyn: Primary Information, 2020)  

Bohn, Willard, Reading Visual Poetry (Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2000)

Dworkin, Craig, Reading the Illegible (Evanston, Northwestern University Press, 2003)

Earl, Amanda, ed., Judith: Women Making Visual Poetry (Sweden: Timglaset, 2021)   

Gaze, Tim and Michael Jacobsen, eds., An Anthology of Asemic Writing (Goleta, CA: Punctum Books, 2013) Free e-book download from publisher:

Higgins, Dick, Pattern Poetry: Guide to an Unknown Literature (Albany: SUNY Press, 1987)    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (AJ 26/08/2021) 

McCabe, Chris and Victoria Bean, eds., The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century (London: Hayward Publishing, 2015)  

Polkinhorn, Harry, ed. Visual Poetry: An International Anthology (Visible Language 27.4) (San Diego: San Diego State University, 1993) Available online:

Schwenger, Peter, Asemic: The Art of Writing (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2019)

Thurston, Nick, ed., Amodern 6: Reading the Illegible, 6 (2016)

Tullet, Barrie, ed., Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology (New York: Black Laurence Press, 2014)

Vassilikakis, Nico and Chris Hill, eds., The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008 (Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2012)  

Williams, Emmett, ed., An Anthology of Concrete Poetry (Brooklyn: Primary Information, 2013)  

Web Resources:

Monoskop: (several of the above anthologies are linked to via Monoskop with the publisher's permission)

Poem Brut:

Poem Atlas:

Derek Beaulieu's Twitter feed – three good anthology PDFs are linked to here.


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