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Module Reading List

Analytics for Urban Policy, 2021/22, Semester 2
Ed Manley
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Links for further reading on specific urban policy areas will generally be provided within lectures, but the following books and articles can provide a wider context to the area.


Singleton, A.D., Spielman, S. and Folch, D., 2017. Urban Analytics. Sage.

Jacobs, J., 2016. The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Vintage.   

Williams, S., 2020. Data Action: Using Data for Public Good. MIT Press.

Kitchin, R., 2014. The Data Revolution: Big data, open data, data infrastructures and their consequences. Sage.

Journal Papers

Kandt, J. and Batty, M., 2021. Smart cities, big data and urban policy: Towards urban analytics for the long run. Cities, 109, p.102992.

Boeing, G, Batty, M, Jiang, S. and Schweitzer, L. 2021 Urban Analytics: History, Trajectory, and Critique. Available at SSRN: 

Kitchin, R., Lauriault, T.P. and McArdle, G., 2015. Knowing and governing cities through urban indicators, city benchmarking and real-time dashboards. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 2(1), pp.6-28.


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