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Bionanophysics Reading List

Bionanophysics, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Neil Thomson
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

General Course Reading:

Philip Nelson, 2003, "Biological Physics: Energy, Information and Life". WH Freeman and Co., New York (ISBN-13: 978-0716798972   

Jacob N Israelachvili, 2011 3rd Edition, "Intermolecular and Surface Forces". Academic Press, Elsevier (ISBN-13: 9780123751829)  

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Topic Specific Additional Reading:

Topic 1: Nucleic Acids

Further reading on polymer physics models is contained within;

Michael Rubinstein and Ralph H Colby, 2003, "Polymer Physics". Oxford University Press, New York (ISBN-13: 978-0198520597)

Intermolecular power laws are discussed in Chapter 1 within;

Intermolecular and Surface Forces”, Jacob N. Israelachvili (Any Edition)

Topic 2: Proteins and Carbohydrates

The core texts for the module are highly revelant to this topic.

Topic 3: Lipids and Membranes

If you would like to read further on these topics, then the following books are very good.

  1. Intermolecular and Surface Forces”, Jacob N. Israelachvili (3rd Edition…or 2nd edtion) 2011

Part Three: Self Assembling Structures and Biological Systems (Chapters 19-22).

Very comprehensive.

  1. Biological Physics”, Phillip Nelson 2008, Chapters 6-8, but mainly 8.
  2. Applied biophysics : a molecular approach for physical scientists ISBN: 9780470017180”, Tom Waigh 2008, Chapter 3,4,6.

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