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DESN3367 Reading List

Strategic Fashion Marketing Plan, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Joanna Blanco-Velo
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Peer-Reviewed Journals

Journal articles :

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  • Gupta, S., Gallear, D., Rudd, J. and Foroudi, P. (2020). The impact of brand value on brand competitiveness. Journal of Business Research, 112, pp.210-222.
  • Hunt, S. D. (2019). The ethics of branding, customer-brand relationships, brand-equity strategy, and branding as a societal institution. Journal of Business Research, 95, 408–416.
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  • van der Westhuizen, L.M. (2018). Brand loyalty: exploring self-brand connection and brand experience. Journal of Product & Brand Management.
  • Villarroel Ordenes, F., Grewal, D., Ludwig, S., Ruyter, K. D., Mahr, D., & Wetzels, M. (2019). Cutting through content clutter: How speech and image acts drive consumer sharing of social media brand messages. Journal of Consumer Research, 45(5), 988-1012.

Reports, visual journals and agencies 

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