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SOEE5179 General Module Reading List

Sustainability Consultancy Project, 2021/22, Semester C12
Dr Paul Jensen
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

1. The research methods you use will depend on the specifics of your project, but here are some general and introductory texts which can help you think about the design of your method: 

C. Cassell, G. Symon (Eds.), Essential guide to qualitative methods in organizational research, Sage, London 2004

C. Cassell 'Conducting research interviews for business and management students ' , Sage, London, 2015  

N King and J Brooks ' Template analysis for business and management students ' Sage, London, 2017

J. Mason, Qualitative Researching, 3rd ed., Sage, London 2018    

R. Yin, Case Study Research - Design and Methods, 5th Edn, Sage, London 2013     

Mills J and Birks, M (Eds) Qualitative methodology : a practical guide Sage, London 2014 This text covers a wide range of methods, few of which are directly linked to consultancy, but each method includes a comment on positionality and limitations which is helpful when you are selecting methods.

One specific aspect of qualitative methods that may be new to you is "coding" qualitative data to look for patterns and themes. This text is a useful introduction - and more - if this is a technique where you want to develop your skills:

J. Saldana The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers 4th Edition, Sage, London 2021   

If you're struggling to get underway, there there are series of (very) short books published by methods-specialist Sage, and it might be worth looking at these for specific topics. They won't give you the background and development of social science research methods that the suggested readings above will do so they won't help you develop your final report effectively, but they might help you get unstuck! Examples are

Salmons, J E "Little Quick Fix: What kind of Researcher are you?" Sage, London, 2020 

O'Leary, Z "Little Quick Fix: Research Question" Sage, London, 2018 

Silvia, P "Little Quick Fix: Select your sample" Sage, London, 2020 

Kara, H "Little Quick Fix: Do your interviews" Sage, London, 2018 

Salmons, J E "Little Quick Fix: Gather your data online" Sage, London, 2019   

2. As with selecting and using your method, your approach to project management will reflect your specific project, but the references below suggest some general guidance to draw on:

Burke, R (2018) Project management : planning & control techniques New York: Wiley  

Cleland, D and R, Gareis (2006).Global project management handbook. McGraw-Hill Professional

Lock, D (2007) Project management (9th edition). Aldershot: Gower  

Maltzman, R and D Shirley (2010) Green project management USA, Taylor and Francis Group

Project Management Institute (2017) A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK guide) 6th Edition. USA, PMI publications  

International journal of project management. 

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