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Portuguese Language Skills

Portuguese Language Skills, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Carmem Mackle
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Recommended Bibliography    

Language reference Bibliography  

Amélia Hutchinson and Janet Lloyd,Portuguese, an Essential Grammar2nd revised ed. (London: Routledge, 2003): Up-to-date, user-friendly, a good starting-point.  

R.C.Willis,An essential course in modern Portuguese(London: Harrap-Nelson, 1971). It might not look very user-friendly, but it is very comprehensive and will see you through to Finals, providing detailed explanations once you learn how to use its index.  

Mário Perini,Modern Portuguese : a reference grammar(Yale: Yale University Press, 2002) [Brazilian, spoken and written]  

T. McGovern and A. Ganho,Using Portuguese : a guide to contemporary usage, CUP; 2004. More a collection of useful checklists than a grammar.  

Javier Munoz-Basols, Yoland Perez Sinusia, Marriane David and Clélia F. Donovan,Manual Prático de escrita em Português, Routledge; 2020. 

Grammar Books with Self-Correcting Exercises:  

Olga Mata Coimbra and Isabel Coimbra Leite, Gramática activa 1 and Gramática activa 2 (Lisbon, Lidel): Indispensable for regular revision and consolidation of main grammatical points.

 Leonel Melo Rosa,Vamos lá começar(Lisbon, Lidel): Perhaps for slightly more advanced work, but offering coverage of vocabulary too.  

Help with Verbs:  Sue Tyson-Ward,Portuguese Verbs and Essentials of Grammar(a practical guide to the mastery of Portuguese): Very useful but not a substitute for a reference grammar (see above).  

Verbs with Prepositions:   Helena Ventura, Manuela Caseiro,Guia prático de verbos com preposições(Lisboa: Lidel, 2004)  

Dicionário Houaiss de verbos da língua portuguesa : conjugação e uso de preposições. (Rio de Janeiro: Objetiva, 2003) [Brazilian Portuguese]   

Monolingual Dictionaries:  

Dicionário da língua portuguesa contemporânea da Academia das Ciências da Lisboa, (Lisbon: Academia das Ciências, 2000).

European Portuguese.Dicionário da língua portuguesa, (Porto: Porto Editora).  

European Portuguese. Antônio Houaiss,Dicionário da língua portuguesa,  

Brazilian Portuguese. Novo dicionário Aurélio da língua portuguesa, (Rio de Janeiro: Editora Nova Fronteira, 1986).

Brazilian Portuguese.  Francisco da Silva Borba,Dicionário de usos do português do Brasil(good reference for usage of Brazilian Portuguese)  

Bilingual Dictionaries:  

Collins Portuguese dictionary : English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English, (Harper-Collins, 1991). Reasonably priced. Adopts Brazilian spelling and pronunciation as the norm.  

Dicionário inglês-português, português-inglês., (Porto: Porto Editora). This is quite basic, centres on continental Portuguese usage. 

Novo Michaelis dicionário ilustrado English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English (São Paulo: Melhoramentos, 1958-61). This is the standard bilingual dictionary from Brazil.  

Dicionário de inglês-português, (Porto: Porto Editora). Efficient and quite extensive.

Continental Portuguese. Dicionário de português-inglês, (Porto: Porto Editora). Not as good as the English into Portuguese, but still useful.  

A Portuguese-English Dictionary, (London: Harrap). Good for Brazilian vocabulary.  

Online Tools:  

Dictionaries: (monolingual European Portuguese – also includes online Grammar) (monolingual, Brazilian) (site has links to the Michaelis bilingual dictionaries – Eng-Port; Port-Eng)  

Portuguese and Brazilian Newspapers:    

Some Brazilian radios and television channels: (gives access to a number of TV channels)  

Portuguese radio and television channels:  

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