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Module Reading List

Engineering Geology, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Mark Thomas
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Waltham, A.C. Foundations of Engineering geology - Blackie 1994 (1st Edition) ; Spon Press, 2002 (2nd Edition), Spon Press, 2009 (3rd Edition)

A general, easy to understand text that describes the main topics of engineering geology, any edition is suitable

Gonzalez de Vallejo, L.I. and Ferrer, M. Geological engineering - CRC Press (2011)      

This book provides an excellent basic reference for not only undergraduate and post graduate students, but also if you were to continue into a career as a professional engineering geologist. It is extensively illustrated with working examples, is easy to understand and should be considered as the core text of the course

Hencher, S. Practical engineering geology – Spon Press (2012) 

A good resource for the more technical side of engineering geology, detailing how projects are managed, designed and constructed, with many case studies.

BS 5930:2015 Code of practice for site investigations (2015)   

This current UK code of practice deals with the investigation of sites for the pruposes of assessing their suitability for the construction of civil engineering and building works and of acquiring knowledge of the characteristics of a site that effect design, construction and also the security of neighbouring land. It was last updated in July 2015. 

Wyllie, D.C., Mah, C.W. and Hoek, E. Rock slope engineering: civil and mining (4th Edition) – Spon Press (2004) 

An excellent resource covering the stability of rock slopes, including the use of stereonets. The thrid edition (Hoek and Bray (1999)) is also a useful book, but now a little out of date  

Fletcher, C.J.N. Geology for ground engineering projects - CRC Press (2016) 

This is a very interesting book in that it serves a dual purpose. For those new to geology it provides an effective ground up understanding of the types, formation and properties of rocks and soils, but in addition, it goes on to discuss how these relate to the planning, design and mitigation of risks of ground engineering problems. This will be useful to anybody wanting to peruse further education in, or a career as an engineering geologist.

Pariseau, W.G. Design analysis in rock mechanics - CRC Press (2017)

While this book focuses on Rock Mechanics in far more detail than in required for this particular course there are some extremely useful Chapters within this text. Chapter 2 on slope stability is an excellent resourse that covers all of the aspects that we will look at on this particular topic within this module. It is also in general an excellent text that I would recommend as being useful in your further careers.    

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