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Module Reading List

Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, 2021/22, Semester 2
Prof David Hughes
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

There is no one book that covers all the material of the course, though there are many books covering various aspects.

For classical fluid dynamics, particularly for revising material that you have already met, I recommend:

D.J. Acheson, Elementary Fluid Dynamics, Oxford University Press, 1990 (Library reference: Mathematics H-3 ACH)

Three very readable, non-technical, introductions to some of the most important ideas in astrophysics are:

R.W. Noyes, The Sun: Our Star, Harvard University Press, 1982 (Astronomy S-0 NOY)

R. Kippenhahn, 100 Billion Suns, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1983

R. Kippenhahn, Discovering the Secrets of the Sun, Wiley, 1994 (Astronomy S-0 KIP)

A more technical introduction is given by:

F. Shu, The Physical Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy, 1982 (Astronomy A-1 SHU)

Good books that cover a lot of the material in the course, though necessarily not always in detail, are:

M.J. Thompson, An Introduction to Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, Imperial College Press, 2006 (Astronomy J-15 THO)

C.J. Clarke and R.F. Carswell, Principles of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics,  Cambridge University Press, 2014 (Astronomy J-15 CLA)

J. Pringle and A. King, Astrophysical Flows,  Cambridge University Press, 2007 (Astronomy J-1 PRI)

E.R. Priest, Solar Magnetohydrodynamics, Reidel, 1982 (Astronomy S-3 PRI), and its successor ... 

E.R. Priest, Magnetohydrodynamics of the Sun, Cambridge University Press, 2014 (Astronomy S-3 PRI)

A.R. Choudhuri, The Physics of Fluids and Plasmas: an Introduction for Astrophysicists,  Cambridge University Press, 1998 (Astronomy J-15 CHO)

Two classic texts on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) are:

T.G. Cowling, Magnetohydrodynamics, Hilger, 1976 (Mathematics H-3.3 COW)

P.H. Roberts, An Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics, Longmans, 1967 (Mechanical Engineering F-5 ROB)

A more recent book on MHD is:

P.A. Davidson, An Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics, Cambridge University Press, 2001  (Mechanical Engineering F-5 DAV)


The classic text on dynamo theory, which is the topic of the level~5 material is:

H.K. Moffatt, Magnetic Field Generation in Electrically Conducting Fluids, Cambridge University Press, 1978 (Physics K-3 MOF), and its successor ...

H.K. Moffatt and E. Dormy, Self-Exciting Fluid Dynamos, Cambridge University Press, 2019 (Mathematics H-3 MOF)



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