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Politics and International Studies - foundation

Researching and Studying the Social Sciences, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Peter Doak
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Topic 1 – What is politics?

 Faulks, Keith., Phillips, Ken., Thomson, Alex (2003) Get set for Politics. Chapter 1, ´What is politics?`.  Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press.     

Hirsch, Afua (2018). Brit(ish) – on race, identity and belonging. Chapter six ´Class´in London, Vintage.    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 28/01/2021) 




Topic 2- Parties, Power and Resistance

 Klein, Naomi (2019) On fire -the burning case for a new deal. p. 110-119. London, Penguin.    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 28/01/2021) 

Mair, Peter (2013). Ruling the void. Introduction. London and  New York, Verso.     

Gago, Veronica (2019) Feminist International - how to change everything. Chapter 1, p.9-56. London and New York , Verso.     

 Additional reading:

 Beetham, D. and Boyle, K. (1995) Introducing Democracy. Cambridge, Polity Press.

 Edwards, R (2015) Your vote is your voice , don’t stay silent , London, Simon and Shuster

Gould, Georgia (2015) Wasted -How misunderstanding young Britain threatens our future.London, Little Brown.

Hay, Colin (2007) Why we hate politics. Chapter one.   London, Polity Press. 

Jones, O. (2015) The Establishment And how they get away with itHarmondsworth, Penguin Randomhouse UK

Milburne, Keir (2029) Generation Left. Chapter  2. Cambridge, Polity Press. 


Topic 3- Populism and the right


Mudde, Cas (2020) The far right today. Chapter one and two p.10-49. Cambridge, Polity Press.     


Norris, Pippa & Inglehart Ronald (2019). p3-32 in Cultural Backlash – Trump, Brexit and authoritarian populism. Cambridge, CUP   


Worth, Owen (2019) Morbid Symptoms – the global rise of the far right. ´Consolidating and mainstreamin´ Chapter six p163-187. London, Zed Books Ltd.     


Additional Learning:

Bauman, Zygmunt (2016) Strangers at our Door. Cambridge, Polity Press

Clarke, H.D., Goodwin, M., Whiteley, P (2017) Why Britain voted to leave the European Union. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press 

Hainsworth, P (2008) The Extreme Right in Western Europe. London, Routledge

Mouffe, Chantal (2005)´The ´End of Politics´ and the challenge of right wing populism´ chapter 2 p. 50-72 in Pannizza, Francisco:  Populism and the mirror of democracy. London & New York, Verso.

Whine, Michael (2012) ´Trans European trends i right wing extremism´ chapter 20, p317-334 in Mammone, Andrea. ed. (2012) Mapping the Extreme Right in Contemporary Europe. New York, Routledge.

Wiggen, Mette (2012) ‘Rethinking Anti Immigration Rhetoric after the Oslo and Utøya Terror Attacks‘, New Political Science 34 (4) pp. 585-604

Wodak, Ruth (2015) The politics of fear. What right wing -populist doscurses meanLondon, Sage.


Topic 4 - Global Challenges

Galeano, Eduardo (1997 ) The post development reader. Chapter 21 ´To be like them´. In Rahnema, Majid and Bawtree, Victoria eds. (1997) The post development reader. London, Zed Book   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 28/01/2021) 

 Thunberg, Greta (2018) No-one is too small to make a difference . Penguin, London.     

 Roy, Arundathi (2020) ´The pandemic is a portal´ Financial Times  3 April


Additional reading:

United Nations (2020) Sustainable development Goals 

Allen, T and Thomas A. eds (2000) Poverty and Development in the 21st century.Oxford, OUP.

Bauman, Zygmunt (2004) Wasted Lives – modernity and its outcasts. Cambridge: Polity PressBaylis, J. Smith, S. Owens, P. (2011) The Globalisation of World Politics , 5th edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Bush, Raymond Carey (2004) ‘Commissioning Africa for Globalisation: Blair’s Project for the World’s Poor’, Global Dialogue Vol. 6, No.3-4

Duménil, G. and Lévy, D. (2011) The crisis of neoliberalism.  Cambridge, Mass; London, UK : Harvard University Press.

 Joon Chang, Ha (2010) 23 things they don’t tell you about capitalis. London: Allen Lane

 Keely, B. (2009) International Migration: The Human Face of Globalisation. Paris: OECD

Mason, Paul(2012) Why it’s kicking off everywhere. London & New York, Verso.










McGiffen, S. P. (2005) The European Union, A critical Guide, London: Pluto Press


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Roxenburg, A. (2002) Preachers of Hate.  London, Gibson Square



Smith, G. (2003) Chapter 11; ‘The decline of Party’ in Jack Hayward ed. Governing Europe, Oxford Scholarship online monograph


Steger, M.B. 2003: Globalisation, a very short introduction. Oxford UIP, Oxford

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